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  • Steinbauer Module

    Hi all. Today had fitted new steinbauer module to my fortuner. Wow, what a difference. Only had a little squirt, no towing yet but can definitely feel the difference. Will post some pre and post fuel consumption etc, not chasing fuel,savings but some people prob want to know. Car now has 12000 on the clock so was time to wake it up a bit. Install took all of 20 min, no accelerator potentiometer wire fiddling so piece of cake....


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    Good to hear Fortunate. Are you looking to upgrade muffler or exhaust as well?


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      Advice is, and performance gains negligible adding exhaust, might do muffler though. Going to leave standard, for now anyway 😀


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        What model steinbauer module did you buy? I'm thinking of installing one too


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          How did you guys go with the chip? Happy with the results? I'd be looking for just a bit more torque for towing the van - bit put off by the warranty issue though? Appreciate your thoughts...


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          On my patrol in preparation for a Simpson desert trip I put in a Unichip, & a 2 & a quarter inch mandrel bent exhaust kit, (thinking the extra power would come in handy going across the sand), plus a longer range sub fuel tank. To be honest the only thing I really needed was the extra fuel capacity.

          From memory the stock patrol was 114kw & 354nm. The chip put it up to 142kw & (i think) 372nm. Considering my auto Fortuner is 130kw & 450nm, I doubt I'd chip it.

          I agree with your warranty concerns. Lets face it... the two rules & motto of any company you make a warranty claim against is;
          1. how can I avoid admitting liability & repairing the problem for nothing, &
          2. how can I blame the customer & get him or her to pay for it

          If you're going to get a chip, I'd recommend waiting til your warranty expires first.


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            Fortunate how's it holding up? Do u unplug it for services? Had any issues with it or with it and Toyota?