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  • Fortuner Fault Codes

    Hi all. Dumb question time! Just looking at the SG2 manual (p.37) where it mentions looking at web-site for a list of the fault codes. Don't know if I looked at the right area for the codes, but clicked on OBD2 Mfg Specific, then clicked Toyota. Does anyone know if these codes are for all toyota cars (petrol & diesel engines), or are codes different depending on the fuel type. Or should I be trying to find fault codes specific to the Fortuner.

    Or is there a better web-site to get the fault codes / meanings etc. I didn't want to print them up if they're no use. As always, thoughts / comments are appreciated.

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    Hi Anthony, there are so many fault codes it’s not funny.
    I find it’s easier to just google the fault code if I see one I am not familiar with. There are many fault codes that are generic to many vehicles. Others are manufacture specific.
    fault codes are found in different systems through the vehicle. Codes starting with the following are for that system.
    P = Power train
    C = Chassis
    B = Body
    N = Network

    hope this helps in some way mate


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      Thanks Luke. All help's appreciated.


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        On this topic,
        The one and only time I've had a warning lamp on the fortuner was after a few days driving on Fraser Island, the 'slip indicator' light came on and stayed on.
        I googled it and found it to be most likely due to the yaw sensor getting confused due to sand driving, I wasn't the first to have the problem in a Toyota.
        I felt better after that and thought I might clear the code myself with the SG2. The trouble is, he SG2 didnt find any codes pending at all, there was no way to clear it! I guess this must have been some manufacturer specific thing and not a regular OBD2 code? Instead I went straight to the nearest Toyota once I came off the island and they cleared it for me with their tablet thing (presumably techstream).



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          Spook1205 commented
          Editing a comment
          The scangauge2 I believe just does Powertrain codes and won’t pick up or clear any of the other systems.
          I was doing a relative compression test on the Pico scope and seeing the snap on scantool won’t shut all injectors of like a G-scan scantool I disconnected the cam sensor which gave me the required no start.
          So even though this is a Powertrain code thrown by this to get people to actually do something rather than ignore an engine light vehicles will throw a Chassis related code so stability program and other warnings come up on dash.
          The scangauge2 couldn’t find or clear this code hence my belief it will only do Powertrain codes but happy to have those thoughts changed if anyone has pulled anything that not is a P code