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Whining noise when ignition is on but engine not running

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  • Whining noise when ignition is on but engine not running

    Several weeks ago I wrote about my poor fuel economy which went dramatically bad at 37000klm and is still bad, it changed from 7.5l/100 to 10.5l/100. I inquired about Scanguage 2 settings to monitor DPF activity to which several regular forum members gave advise and I can now see my DPF appears to be OK doing regular burns about every 300klm but the fuel economy is still poor. At the last service the local Toyota service people say they could not find a problem and that I should monitor the fuel usage, I have had 3 fills so far and it is using 10.5 t0 11L/100 and that is with predominantly gentle highway cruising. So I was checking the engine bay and found that if I turned the ignition ON but not starting the engine there was a continuous whine from the back of the engine about where the EGR valve is. When I turn the ignition OFF the sound changes to be like a mechanism returning to a rest position then all is quite. When I again turn the ignition ON the whining noise which sounds like a small electric motor returns. I checked this many times with the same result. From another post I see that the EGR valve does have a DC motor as part of it's mechanism so perhaps this is where the whining is coming from which means it is continually running at least when the ignition is ON but the engine is not running (I can not hear it with the engine running). Has anyone come across this situation and is it normal or is it an indication I have an EGR fault that may be contributing to my poor fuel economy? Perhaps some of the forum members could try turning on their ignition but not start the engine and see if they have the whining noise if so it may be a normal function, if not then I can go to Toyota and ask for my vehicle to be checked and repaired if faulty. I have also monitored the AT temperatures and found when locked up both the pan temp and converter temp to be the same and would drop to 80 degrees if I cruised for a short time and the converter temp would rise to 105 degrees when slipping with the pan temp about 4 degrees cooler, is this normal for a standard vehicle with only 2 people on board at 80-100kph?
    Black Betty

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    I’ll look into this mate, initial thoughts are EGR is just doing its job.
    Trans temps appear abnormally high. Without a external cooler and cruising your pan temps should be very close to engine temp about 86 to 88 deg even if it’s not locked up. I’ll check temps for torque converter on the scantool. To double check. But I do run a cooler too.


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      On highway underlock up the torque converter and pan temps were with 1 degree of each other. Giving it a bit of stick up a hill the converter got to around 10 degrees hotter.
      it is a cool morning and vehicle has an external cooler but temps didn’t go much over 70 deg. This was a 25 min drive mostly highway.


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        I'm pretty sure mine makes that sound, I assumed it was a fuel pump or something.
        Trans temps sound about right too. Although I haven't monitored too closely, 80ish in the pan and occasional 100+ in the torque converter is what I've observed.