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    Probably did a dodgy and used RTV. I'll make sure to keep an eye on it.


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      Has anyone had any success out of warranty with this issue? My Warranty ended September last year and I've only recently noticed the "tink tink tink" then disappear on cold start.
      My dealer has been great with me, they replaced a water pump out of warranty so I have a feeling they'd look after me but just after others experiences.


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        to my knowledge some others have had the job done out of warranty , but its taken some convincing. Print out these pages , do a search on the Hilux , tuna facebook sites and the issue comes up all the time. Its a $6000 repair and a known issue so dont take it lying down , be assertive about it.
        2016 GX , in White


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          It's a well known issue and certainly known to dealers by now. Irrespective of warranty the Australian Consumer Law covers it.

          As stated above, be assertive and know your rights. Deal with the dealer principal and or Toyota Australia directly if you don't get any traction with the service department.



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            Hi all,

            New to the forum here as i i Have a Prado and am on Pradopoint so may be a bit out of place, but seeing as its the same engine it might not.
            After some feed back on my issue.

            I Have a 2018 Nov built Prado with 11000kms on it. I have in the recent weeks noticed an unusual sound from the engine while idling. The noise is a rattling or a chattering / tapping sound from the engine mostly noticeable while idling warmed up at 700rpm, and the noise is mostly noticeable from the Driver side wheel arch or underneath the vehicle at the front. The noise only seems to be present is while the vehicle is on an incline facing uphill. The noise is sometimes always present and is hard to notice, but at times as per Recording 4 and 5 it is ON and OFF and clearly noticeable. The noise is either not present or not heard while the vehicle is flat or facing down hill.
            I have attached in the link below some recordings all taken in front of the Driver side tyre just inside the wheel-arch in all cases the engine was at operating temperature. Best heard with earphones.
            Recording 1. - Engine idling on flat ground
            Recording 2. - Engine idling on an incline facing uphill
            Recording 3. - Engine idling on incline facing downhill
            Recording 4. - Engine idling on an incline facing uphill however on this recording the chattering noise is on and off which is how i noticed it.
            Recording 5. - Recording with a stethoscope with probe placed on RH front of the engine sump.

            LINK TO RECORDINGS:!AoW89dcD0KTOgTR-L1t6MkPcSwXy?e=y8CUCg

            I have also today with the use of a mechanics stethoscope narrowed down the tapping noise is coming from the bottom of the engine, mostly prominent by placing stethoscope probe towards the front of the sump cover.

            I have so far taken the vehicle to 2 local Toyota service centers with no resolve.

            In the first instance the service centre has confirmed that the vehicle sounds as any other Prado and that there is no change to engine noise no matter if vehicle is on an incline or not. This service centre has checked the parameters of the injectors which all are within specification. This service centre as per photo has also overfilled the engine oil at the 6 month service, they have now corrected this (not sure if this is related, noise was present when oil was overfilled after level was corrected)

            In the second instance i have taken the vehicle to another Toyota service centre in which case they agreed that there is a noise present, but however have concluded that this is from the 5th injector and all is operating normally. (note in none of these cases a DPF regeneration is not occurring and the vehicle is idling at 700rpm, my understanding is that 5th injector only operates during a DPF regen)

            I have yesterday also compared this with a friends 2019 Prado which has done 7000kms side by side at the same operating conditions on the same incline on and the tapping/rattling/chattering noise was not present on the other vehicle.

            Whats every ones thoughts on the sounds recorded?
            What could be the possible cause?
            how to proceed next, going too Toyota service seems to be a waste of time?
            Has anyone else noticed this on their vehicles, ie different noises when idling on a slope?

            Thanks if advance for your feedback.


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              The only way to specifically know what is going on is to pull it apart and investigate.
              you could get an oil sample taken for analysis. That will tell you if any foreign material is in the oil.