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  • Help with this please'

    For about 2 years my tuner engine made a loud ringing noise beginning 1 minute or so after startup. Like a tuning fork is best I can describe it. Every time it went into dealer they could never hear it. My wife and I always could. It was loud enough to turn heads driving up the street or in the local shopping centre parking area. The sound has now gone much quieter and hangs about for a long time. Prior to this it was gone in 10km. Now it is barely audible over engine noise. It has however changed to what is obviously a series of ringing tapping sounds so close together it almost sounds like one long ring. It eventually changes when the engine is hot to a ringing tapping sound. Not very loud but audible if the engine is idling , not loud enough to attract notice or be intrusive after a few minutes after start-up. Dealer just denies it ever existed and sys I'm the only one who can hear it (although my wife can) . It appears I am a nutter. After some distance the sound changes to what could be mistaken for a high pitched (not ringing) metallic tapping in time with engine, Have googled myself crazy and found sites suggesting it is anything from failing conrod bearings, to piston slap to noisy lifter and am totally confused. Have tried stethoscope on top of engine but can't locate the source of noise. It appears to be in the vicinity of the 5th injector/turbo area but a stethoscope comes up with nothing there.
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    I have heard / seen two vids on FB with load tapping metallic high pitched noise. One later said engine was shut off when noise occurring so it had to be a heat / exhaust thing. The other said it ended up being a DPF issue.
    hope this helps somehow mate


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      Thanks Luke. Interestingly I often hear what sounds like an exhaust leak and the DPF was changed a while back but after this stuff started. Seriously does this sound like a piston slap or serious engine problem to you. Just a wild guess and not holding you responsible for anything?


      • Spook1205
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        Still tending to think an exhaust issue rather than major engine problems. Just could be further down

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      Any chance you can record the noise onto you mobile phone, or a device that will clearly allow the noise to be heard? If so, you can then let your dealer hear it, to prove your point. This allows you to upload it, so others can hear it for advice.

      If there's other Toyota dealers close to either home or work etc, its not a bad idea to let them hear the noise or speak to them. Maybe another dealer has come across this problem. The more dealers you contact, the more chance of getting an answer.

      Also try Hilux & Prado forums. As we've the same engine, maybe someone there has had this issue or can help.


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        Mate the dealer told me to do just that. I took 4 recordings of the engine with ringing. I couldn't be heard over the engine noise except in one recording. When I replayed it at the dealers' i could just hear it, dealer said he couldn't. He replayed a number of recordings he had taken at some time ad it was clearly audible in one of them but he still claimed there was no ring in any of them. Useless. If anyone here can give a hand, I would ratherr repair it my self if possible and give the dealer a miss. II's al just too hard.,

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      all you can do is take it to an independant diesel mechanic for another opinion. Some 2.8 owners have reported failed timing chains ( including myself ) some have had noisy injectors and others have had faulty turbos ( the fins can bend ).

      dealers are a bit of a lottery unfortunately - one young girl who lives near me took her new Hilux in for what i told her was tiiming chain rattle and they refused to fix it , so a month later the chains broke and buggered the engine , less than 15K old. After some legal wrangling they were forced to buy her car back at full price. Then a year later mine made the same noises though not as bad and they accepted the whole repair without any questions!!
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        Yeah, that chain thing. My dealer assures me my engine does not have that problem. So assuming he's right, at least I've had one win.