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    G'day fellas,

    So I've been recently considering freeing up the exhaust, but was unsure (and also been informed) that it doesn't make much of difference due to the fact the DPF causes the majority of the resistance.

    Well....what I have done is unbolted the flange directly under the drivers seat and re-bolted it as you can see in the pic and so far I've run just over half a tank of fuel and my consumption has come down from 9.6L/100km AVG to 9.0L and I think it is potentially still dropping! The car also feels as though it has picked up a little low end to mid range power, albeit only slightly. I travel 65kms to and from work each day in what wold be considered extra urban. I do a roughly 50/50 highway then a suburban commute.

    I spoke with an exhaust shop who has quoted 500 odd for a stainless steel 2.5 inch mandrel bent pipe from the DPF back which will open up the standard 2 inch pipe and make it much more free flowing. For those that are concerned about noise. There is none. It's still so quiet I cant even hear it idling. The DPF removes all those sweet turbo and exhaust notes!

    Anyways I'll post up any further results in a week or so...

    Cheers, Tim.
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    i was a post on the hilux forum quite a while ago.... from memory an exhaust manufacturer purchased a hilux to do some R&D on making their own exhaust, they were surprised at lack of restriction caused by the DFP.
    a mate help me disconnect my hilux exhaust in the same location, and i also confirm there was no noticeable change in the exhaust note or volume so we just reconnected it


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      Hi Tim How did you go with your exhaust testing?


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        G'day fellas,

        So I completely forgot about responding to this post! My bad.

        ...anyways, what I found over the course of a couple of weeks running it like the photo, I noticed that the fuel economy did definitely increase. Trouble is, I also read somewhere that it may actually affect the whole fueling and DPF re-gen having the free'er flowing pipe. From memory it said something to the effect that the fueling/airflow and timing and temperature of the system is very precise and that by opening up the system creating better airflow, can cause the re-gen process to go for longer than necessary as the exhaust effectively wont get up to the proper operating temps. This could then possibly lead to a DPF that hasn't completely cycled and overtime potentially become blocked.

        I could be completely wrong, but the way these have caused issues in the past, I at this stage wasn't willing to find out the hard way so I returned it to standard. I would imagine though that if and when aftermarket tuning systems can alter or at least accommodate these upgrades through tuning then a whole new world will open up.

        Hope that clears things up