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  • DPF Switch Installed

    Hi all, my Fortuner 2016 now has a DPF switch!!!

    I received Customer Service Exercise Notification requesting me to bring the car in for a "free of charge" ECM software update to enable "DPF custom mode" which visually indicates to the driver every time an automatic regeneration is in progress, plus installation of the DPF switch to trigger manual regeneration if and when required.

    My DPF system was replaced at around 40k due to excessive white smoke and I also had two software updates. Since then I have not really had too many problems but it is nice to see that Toyota Motor Corporation took a proactive approach in reaching out to their customers to perform this work.

    I have now done 93,000kms without any problems.

    I have also been given a DPF leaflet with instructions on how to operate DPF switch. Both the notice and leaflet are attached for your reference.


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    Good stuff! Thanks for sharing


    • JohnLynn
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      Yes I second that, I wonder which vehicles it applies to? I am curious to know if my Prado will have this option.

    • red_dune
      red_dune commented
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      We just purchased a new Prado and I can confirm it comes with a DPF switch.

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    So is this free for vehicles without a turnoff switch?


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      Skardo22, it was free for me and I believe it is free for anyone that has received the letter from Toyota.


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        Got the same letter as red_dune a few days ago, & mine goes in next week to get the job done.


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          I got the letter, minus the paragraph about the manual switch, I thinks that's reserved for people with a history of DPF problems (I've had none).
          I'll book it in soon for the inspection and ECU update.


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            Just came back from dealer a few hours ago after getting that Campaign letter activated on the Fortuner. I have an honest dealer (who himself owns a GX manual) and said all those other ECU updates done previously did not really work and this one was a big major upgrade.

            And that Toyota have put a lot of research behind the scenes to remedy this but to be prepared for possible other minor recalls after seeing how this major ECU upgrade DPF switch was fitted to my 2015 GXL Auto.


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              Just had my 50k service.
              Got the same letter.
              No manual DPF switch offered or fitted
              Havent had any DPF issues either
              Now have “new” software


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                Quick question: Anyone else with the new ECU update noticed a little more mid range power from their cars?? I was chatting with a mate who owns a Hilux that has had it done who has noticed a difference also...


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                  Hi all,

                  I noticed a significant increase in fuel consumption since DPF switch install and software update. I was normally sitting on 9.8L/100 average around town and it has now gone up to 11.2L/100. My Toyota service department advised fuel consumption should have improved slightly (based on FAQ's provided by Toyota as part of this upgrade) but I am not seeing this. They asked me to drive for couple of weeks to see if it stabilizes and if not to bring it it.

                  Has anyone else seen an increase in fuel consumption since the upgrade?


                  • Mitchyboy
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                    Hi red_dune. I have noticed an slight increase in fuel consumption. We where at 9.6/100 now about 10.6L/100. Personally I think or feel that I have lost a bit of power my fort has done 60000Km. I'm also having the DPF button put in a couple of weeks.

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                  I’ve had the software update for a month or so. No letter, and no DPF switch because my vehicle doesn’t meet the criteria, which seems to be a history of DPF problems OR a relatively new vehicle which hasn’t had a chance to develop DPF problems yet. Older vehicles which have not had problems don’t qualify for the customer service exercise (other than the software update).

                  My fuel consumption has not changed since the software update, averaging around 10.4L/100km.
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                    mrh460, thanks for the feedback. We also have a new Prado which has the same engine and its fuel consumption is consistently below 10L/100km which is really interesting given its a heavier car.


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                      After the update I'm averaging 9.1L per tank and 9.4L since reset....


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                        Had mine done today. The guy said this latest ECU should do the trick. Re the button, letters will only go out to owners with a history of DPF issues (as mentioned by DaveC).

                        Not sure, (& it maybe just the drugs & voices in my head!!), but I thought the engine sounded quieter. Then again it could have just been that they'd had the engine running for the DPFclean / ECU update, & been warmed up. I'll check out the fuel consumption over the next few days & report back.


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                          Our Prado has been at the dealer for a few months we hope to have it back this week but the update is not available for the Prado yet and is due sometime this month

                          he could not say what the update was, crazy it was just updated a few months ago


                          • JohnLynn
                            JohnLynn commented
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                            I wonder what difference there is between the update for the Tuna and the Prado? It seems odd as surely we are talking about the same engine? I must admit though that the dealer not knowing doesn't surprise me, although to be fair to them I think Toyota keeps everyone in the dark.