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  • Exhaust upgrade

    Hi All

    I am looking at upgrading my exhaust on a 2016.

    Have any of you looked into this? Doesn’t seem to be a heap of options. Made enquires about legendex but apparently nothing available.

    The internet yields a few options but nothing I had heard of before.

    Looking for 3” S/S DPF back

    Any thoughts??


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    I would advise against it at the moment mate. Reason being is that the exhaust is actually pretty un-restrictive already. You may gain a little more bottom end power, but not enough to justify the cost at this stage. If it's noise your after, you can forget that too, the DPF pretty much silences it all. Lastly and most importantly the exhaust has been tuned to provide the exact amount of back pressure required for the DPF to burn off properly, if you increase the flow the DPF wont reach it's optimal temperature leading to either longer burns (more fuel) or a DPF that doesn't re-gen properly leading to potential failure. Whilst Toyota are providing ECU updates and replacements (on occasions) I would definitely hold off. I have heard (could be complete BS too mind you) that Taipan Exhausts are in the final stages of testing a complete replacement including a high flow DPF.



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      Thanks for the info
      Will take your advice
      More cash for the next mod 👍🏻