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Air intake hose problems - keeps blowing off

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  • Air intake hose problems - keeps blowing off

    I bought a new Fortuner GX in June 2018 and since then the air intake hose between the radiator and the engine has blown off three times, all occasions while towing a trailer (1.2T). Twice it blew off at the end closest to the radiator and once at the other end of the hose.

    It has been repaired by Toyota twice and once by myself (on the road).

    Both times that Toyota did the repair the hose blew off again within a few weeks. The only time it stayed on for a decent period was after I repaired it using two hose clamps instead of one and tightening these as hard as I could. When I took it in for its 6 month service Toyota replaced the hose and clamps (back to a single clamp) and a few weeks after this service the hose blew off again.

    This has been very frustrating as you can imagine, especially as I really like all other aspects of the car.

    Toyota's national tech team are assessing the car at the moment and I am in the process of returning it for a new vehicle.

    Has anyone else had this experience?



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    I haven't experienced this problem - 2015 Fortuner, and haven't heard or read about it.

    I would be surprised if Toyota replaced your vehicle with a new one without putting up an enormous fight! Perhaps now they have read the ACL...



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      Classic symptom of over boosting


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        a few , but not many , have had that , usually after sustained high speed runs. maybe the hoses are a bit soft and work their way off when hot. See if they can upgrade to a silicone hose , might do the trick , not sure
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          2015 GX with no such issues, although I don't do any towing