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  • Timing Chain upgrade

    Had timing chain upgraded last week.
    I have been complaining about noisy timing chain to my Service Manager since October '18 (my opinion sounding like a bag of nails)
    January Toyota agreed to upgrade the engine to the latest specs which came into force June '18.
    My service manager who has been great pushed the claim for me and sent sound recordings to Toyota.
    He said he had no knowledge of an upgrade kit.
    Engine now ticks over like a high end Swiss watch and it is a different vehicle to drive.
    I had enough of timing chain problems in my previous Nissan Pathfinder.
    15/16 Silver GXL.
    33000 km's

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    glad you got them done , I complained about mine at the 30k service last year only to be told that the startup noises are considered normal. They were getting worse by 32k so i took it back again for another inspection. While in their guest experience lounge ( tea room ) I spoke to another customer who was picking his car up from just replacing his timing chains. So when the advisor told me again that my engine is fine and he had not heard of the 1GD having timing chain issues I mentioned to him that that customer over there had just had his replaced!! So they then booked it in for the upgrade kit without question. I know a bit about cars but i'm no mechanic - If i had accepted what he said at face value i would have lost an engine by now. Others on this forum and my neighbour had the problem before i did so that made me more aware to begin with.
    2019 GX , in White