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  • Torque PIDs and other interesting stuff

    I've attached a picture of 2 Torque PIDs. One is B1S1 O2 sensor voltage, the other is the B1S2 lamba value. Useful for those who like to watch it move up/down depending on how heavy your right foot is.

    On a somewhat similar topic, I've started going through data logs recently and Torque has the ability to log Fuel Flow in cc/min. The car will turn off the a/c compressor when you're idling and stopped if you're in Eco mode, the difference in Fuel Flow is obvious. Hot tip if you're after that elusive <9L/100KM fuel use, its easiliy doable if you always shifted to neutral when stopped (in traffic) and only used A/C when you have Eco mode turned on. I tried modifying my driving behavior for 1 full tank and got an average of 8.1L/100KM in Melbourne traffic grind over the Westgate Freeway day-in day-out. Probably not worth it, but maybe that's how Toyota manage to get their stipulated fuel use.

    Thinking out loud, does anyone know if the Prado's transmission "soft shifts" to neutral when you're stopped? There's a rather big difference in Fuel Flow when the car is stopped and in neutral vs stopped and in drive. Perhaps that's how the Prado (generally) manages better fuel usage around town.

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    Do you know if the mm3/min is total or individual injector value?
    common rail diesels run some mad lean Lamba values compared to petrol engines.
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    • dandin
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      Total, I'll see if I can put together some data/graphs. Probably not this weekend though, I'm all booked out thanks to birthdays.

    • Spook1205
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      Info like that to compare over a few different driving conditions is always interesting, well to me it is.
      Also very informative for anybody to see difference in actual fuel consumption as it’s more detailed than the graph on head unit.

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    The tech talk is all greek to me, but will try putting her in neutral when stopped at lights or in traffic. MIne's suburban stop / start driving & lucky to do 10-20ks a day, with daily averages of high 11s to high 12s, which I'm happy with compare to GU patrol I had.


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      I drove around today putting the car in neutral when in traffic or stopped at lights, & also as per normal in 'drive' when similarly stopped. I used my scan gauge II to monitor the revs. Whether in neutral or in drive when stopped, the SC fluctuated between 849-851 rpm, but mostly on 850.

      Others with better diagnostic tools may get different results, but based on my 1 day's worth of driving & testing, I can't see any fuel savings for me.

      Would be interesting to see if anyone tries similar testing & what they determine.


      • Breekbeen
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        Don't know about Aus, but I have a manual Fortuner.
        Fuel consumption here the Man is definitely better than auto by about 1km/L.
        It also seems that the auto box is still not 100%, here there are a lot of people complaining about software on the auto boxes, also in the Hilux.
        A lot of gear hunting going on.
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      • Spook1205
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        Toyota can fix the biggest complaint people have with the gearbox by stopping it downshifting into first gear when coasting speed drops to16km hour.
        Not sure if anyone has told them this is the cause of gear flairing. And I haven’t heard of anyone getting any positive solution or even them identifying the cause.

      • JohnLynn
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        I assume (but of course haven't really a clue) that the down shifting issue would be caused by the software thinking it knows better than the driver? This is one of my pet hates, at least with a manual I can choose when to change gear and what gear to select regardless of whether it is the correct one.
        Another example of "software knows best" is I have recently been mad at Google. I was researching the best internet provider for friends in WA. I used and searched for "broadband deals Australia" but because Google knows I am the UK it returned results from UK ISPs this caused my wife to complain about all the swearing!
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