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High Revving in Park

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  • High Revving in Park

    Been in & out of the car 5-6 times already this morning. On all but one occasion, when I turn the car on & while still in park, the engine's been revving high. SGII shows the engine revs to be 1200rpm. When in drive & driving around, the revs seem fine. I've just over 98,000 on the clock. Any ideas why this would be happening? As always help-advice-info is always appreciated.

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    there is an idle up button down near your right knee (at least that is where it is in the hilux), my guess it's the cause. only seems to work if the temperature is below 20 degrees. in QLD the button doesn't do anything for at least 6 months so i usually only find our is "on" in the cooler months