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Fuel Filter replacement issue

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  • Fuel Filter replacement issue

    I have a 2015 Fortuner (2.8l GUN156R engine) that was due for a fuel filter replacement at 80000km. The first replacement was done by a Toyota dealer at 40000km. The stated Toyota part number for the replacement filter is 23390-0L070. The supposed Ryco equivalent (checked with Ryco) is R2777P, and I purchased one of these, and expected to do the replacement job in 15 minutes. However..

    After removing the whole fuel filter casing from the engine I found that the screw flange joining the upper to the lower casing was exceedingly tight to undo. When I did eventually manage to undo it, the upper casing violently popped off indicating that it was under some pressure (the fuel had already been drained out). Obviously it had taken some effort by the Toyota dealer (at 40000km) to install the fuel filter, and tighten the casing.

    I cleaned the interior of the casing and inserted the Ryco filter, and tried to reattach the upper to the lower casing, but it could not be done (with the casing O-ring in position) even with a large amount of force being applied.

    To try and get the vehicle running again I reinserted the previous Toyota filter, but again I could not get the lower casing (with O-ring) to click into the upper casing before screwing up the flange.

    I contacted Ryco and they confirmed that the R2777P should be compatible with the Toyota 233900L070, but possibly some slight variability in size of various components (in both the filter and the filter casings) could be expected.

    I then contacted another Toyota dealer, and my son took the filter assembly, the old Toyota filter, and the Ryco filter to them. The mechanic there also tried to install BOTH filters (including the old Toyota one), but could not (for the reasons given above).

    He then installed a new 233900L070 filter (cost $71), and it went in and tightened quite easily i.e. the lower casing with O-ring clicked into the upper casing, and the screw flange tightened easily.

    I reinstalled the filter casing, bled the system and the vehicle started.

    So, what should have been a job that took 15 minutes, became one that took many hours, and involved extra expense. The conclusion I drew from this was that the tolerances either in the filter casing and/or the filter are much too small, and any even slight difference can lead to the filter being exceedingly difficult to replace i.e join filter casings and tighten. It shouldn't be this hard.

    On reflection, the problem with the fuel filter installation is due to the thickness and/or softness of the upper rubber on the filter. If it's too thick or too hard the filter casings cannot be joined correctly (should just click together with the O-ring in position and a small amount of force). A possible 'solution' would be to take a 1-2mm or so slice off the bottom of this upper rubber (it is removable), though you really shouldn't have to do this.

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    ive not heard of this issue before , but i know that the 2015s had a recall for faulty fuel filter assemblies. The fault was a bad pressure sensor causing the fuel blockage alarm to come up intermittently. Maybe as a result of the recall they changed the housing or filter size a bit ? not sure. glad you got it sorted though.
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      Hello. As practice shows, changing the fuel filter is not easy. Since there is no one in my city, I change myself in my yard. There I have a special pit for the car. I choose best fuel filter duramax diesel here .By the way, yes, the old filter is difficult to remove, but if you clean everything there, then the new one is easier to change. Filter delivery arrived as usual by mail
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