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Pressurized Fuel Filter

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  • Pressurized Fuel Filter

    While looking up some part number, I came across this filter called "Pressurized Fuel Filter" with part # 23390-0E011. I didn't know GD engines have another fuel filter aside from the one in the accumulator. How often should this be replaced? Can't find any guide on how to replace this filter.

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    that fuel filter is explained in this article - Toyota GD series diesel engines (

    Its not a maintenance item as such , its there to stop further damage to the commonrail system in case the fuel pump fails . In older commonrail designs , if any tiny metal fragments escaped the fuel pump those fragments would be pushed into the rail , injectors , the fuel lines and flushed back into the fuel tank. This would mean a replacement of all the affected items , easily a $15k + repair.

    It can be replaced by removing the starter motor but not required as a regular sort of thing
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