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    Thanks to cuda on the Pradopoint forum for this bit of info. Thought I would share it with everyone on the Fortuner forum as it seems some people on both these forums and Hiluxnet have been noticing irregular burns with the new 1GD engine. He states -
    "I contacted Toyota to discuss the operation and behaviour of the DPF system. The differential sensors that are located before and after the DPF unit are only used as a fail safe if the DPF filter becomes blocked. It was explained to me that Toyota has an algorithm to determine when a burn should occur which includes fuel used and distance travelled.

    What I have observed is that the burn usually occurs between 200 and 300km and lasts approximately 20 to 30km. This is why I have experienced burns even after having driven for 3hrs at 100+km/h which would be ideal to burn the DPF particulate.

    So it doesn't matter how you drive as the burn is pre programmed to run. So over a complete tank you would expect to burn approximately 6 times and use excess diesel for about 150km of the tank. This may explain the higher fuel consumption being reported by most people in comparison to the previous 3l D4D.


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    I've got a GXL and it's done over 1200km and I haven't seen anything to indicate a DPF burn is in progress? The manual seems to break it down into vehicles with a burnoff switch, and vehicles without (mine). Maybe I'm missing something? Do they all run DPF burn schedules? Anyone else not seeing any action for 1000km+? Or am I just not not looking in the right place!


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      I did 3 hours of freeway driving sitting on 100km/h and noticed the fuel consumption shoot from low sevens up to about 10.5 for a period. The regen completed while we were still on the freeway as you could see by the improvement in consumption. Monitoring the EGT with Torque seemed to confirm this.

      For those of you with a bluetooth OBD dongle and torque I think Exhaust gas temperature sensor 3 is interesting (think it was 3... need to check again when I'm next in the car). When the DPF burn occurs this temperature goes up above 750 degrees... mine is also accompanied by the idle RPM raising to 1200 RPM for a period, although to be honest I think once the EGT is at a sufficient level it drops back to normal, even though the regen is continues. My thinking is that raised idle happens during a DPF active regen to ensure EGTs remain high enough, but the regen can continue without high idle if the exhaust temps are high enough.

      Hope that made some sense.. to someone...


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        Just checked torque. It's EGTB1S2 (Bank 1 Sensor 2) and Bank 1 Sensor 3 also seems to match.


        • dandin
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          Thanks for the tip. I've just added that sensor into Torque for monitoring. I've done over 3000km and never onced noticed my idle over 1200rpm.

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        Acronyms are wonderful if we are all aware what they mean. I didn't know my Fortuner had a DPF, where is he hidden in the very back seat? As for EGT's that must be in the glove box keeping cool and an OBD dongle, that's just getting personal. I know about exhaust gas, my wife does it regularly but I'd never dare put a sensor anywhere nearby so I don't know if it would reach to No. 3 but I do know it hits the Richter scale.


        • dandin
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          Google the following and you're all sorted

          Bluetooth OBD
          DPF burn
          EGT sensor

          Hard to tell if you're joking or serious. No offence meant

        • kzen
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          The world seems to be getting more and more TLAs by the day. And well, OBD dongles do seem to be a pretty sensitive topic around here and my wife tends to point to the munchkin whenever exhaust gas is expelled.

          I have to admit that although EGTB1S2 isn't a TLA it does look quite impressive. Pretty obvious that it stands for "Exhaust has temperature Bank 1 Sensor 2" which I think is the second counter at the local ANZ branch.

          (And apologies if you're asking a serious question, dandin's answer is spot on)


        • Monaz
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          Lmao!!!! :d :d :d :d

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        I drive 320 kms a day of freeway driving and the car has travelled 4000 kms so far. I only noticed a DPF burn on the freeway when the gearbox dropped a gear on a flat road and had a slighter RPM increase. It does not feel like a normal engine sound and you'd be forgiven if you think there's a problem with the 1GD. Don't worry, it's just a passive burn that'll last for 3-4 minutes. The Fortuner does not have the manual DPF regen button but fortunately there is the MD802 DPF Force regeneration Tool that can clear DPF lights and "SEE THE DEALER" signs. BUT that is in the future, about 80,000 kms. It's far too early to worry about these things. BUT TOYOTA will charge you an arm and a leg once you see the "SEE THE DEALER" signs.

        So far, I am able to achieve an 8.3 liter/100 fuel consumption. Far off the mark from what TOYOTA claimed. They must have done the freeway testing downhill with a strong wind behind them to get to that extra urban 7.3/100.


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          So there's no light or anything to indicate a burn is in progress. Just increased fuel flow, and a different engine noise. Unless you've got an EGT gauge rigged up. Oh well, we're about to put 10000km on ours starting this week over the next 2 months so I guess I'll figure it out by then! We're towing so economy will be hard to judge but I reckon we'll pretty well push the capabilities of the Fortuner - can't wait!


          • cheekydonkey
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            no, no light at all as it is a passive system. you may smell a rubber smell emitting from the exhaust after a passive burn, but that's about it. Don't worry too much, as long as you drive the car more often on long distances, the car will be doing what it was meant to do. I can't speak for the urban 4Tunas tho, they have different driving conditions, so I believe they will have a different sequence of DPF regens.

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          This will be the tool that we will need to perform a forced Regeneration if you really want to make sure the DPF gets a proper burn off. We also need this tool if ever we need to replace the DPF itself. TOYOTA thinks a DPF replacement unit would be around $6000. Scary? ugh not so. 5 years from now, DPFs from wrecks will be abundant and cheap. We can also cut the DPF open and clean it by soaking it on turpentine overnight 2x. It works on earlier BMWs so I would think it would work with the 1GD. We do need to refine our welding skills tho.


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            Originally posted by Rjstokes View Post
            I've got a GXL and it's done over 1200km and I haven't seen anything to indicate a DPF burn is in progress? The manual seems to break it down into vehicles with a burnoff switch, and vehicles without (mine). Maybe I'm missing something? Do they all run DPF burn schedules? Anyone else not seeing any action for 1000km+? Or am I just not not looking in the right place!
            A burn off will happen whenever it happens.
            We don't have a switch on the non-modified models and you will know when the burn has occurred when you smell rubber when you get out of your car
            The engine will also seem to be a bit more noisy and seem to lose a bit of power.




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              I have ordered the MAXISCAN tool that can do a forced DPF Regeneration, DPF Fault clearing, DPF reset, and many other features of the 1GD-FTV DPF system. I will be posting a few reviews when I get the tool. It should be straight forward as it is a universal tool common for many manufacturers. I still have my HKS-OBD link that may be able to diagnose TOYOTA SPECIFIC FAULT CODES. But at the moment, there is no reason to use it just yet. But we will see in the future.

              The 1GD-FTV diesel is a new world for me having been fiddling with TOYOTA automotive ECUs for a good 25 years. It all started with the Toyota Sprinter AE86 with the "freedom ECU", The AEM ECU, Haltech ECU for the Supra, and lately the MOTEC ECU for the Toyota 86. It won't be too long before I can post some stuff about our 1GD-FTV DPF.

              I do strongly advice against fiddling with the existing MAPS of the current Fortuner as these vehicles are not power oriented but more like efficiency, reliability, emissions, and longetivity oriented. These 1GD's engines have enourmous potential if you look at the engine architecture and the design of the turbo. However, it is also seriously choked by these stupid new environmental targets in Europe. If the 1GD does not have an EGR, or DPF, it could potentially out perform some bigger capacity engines. But that's another story. We'll have to deal with what we have right now. I will create a topic soon about Forced DPF regen.

              Right now, we need to be able to go around the "SEE THE DEALER" display when the DPF plays up in the future. I'm sure TOYOTA will charge us an arm and a leg for doing a FORCED regen or Resetting of the DPF light. We don't want to pay $500 for some kid to plug a wire, switch on a button and sit back. The SUBARU diesels already have a manual DPF cable/software from ECU-TEK, but as usual, ECUTEK charges an arm and a leg for those licenses. c

              One thing for sure, we are not happy with the DPF, but it's not the end of the world! Relax and enjoy your vehicle!

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                Just confirming what kzen posted above. I caught my car in the middle of a DPF burn. The EGT Bank 1 Sensor 2 temp jumps from ~300deg to over 600deg. Picture attached, its the top right number of the pic. I'm still playing around with my Torque dashboard so excuse the mess.


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                  Maxiscan does not work! Needs updating from the Autel website but does not update.

                  There is a new tool from the Hilux boys and this is it. I hope this will work.



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                    thats a shame , are you going to return it to them for a refund or upgrade?
                    2016 GX , in White


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                      My manual GX is interesting in that it automatically regenerates. but on my basic scantool it shows there is a constant never changing minus 47psi pressure readout. Can someone tell me where the pressure is measured and if this is normal. i know nothing about this at all. Any ideas here fellers????
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                        This DPF burn stuff worries me. I've never noticed anything other than normal (or at least what I recognise as normal) performance. I rarely do worse that 10.5lt/100 in the city and around 8lt/100 country driving. Consumption does go up when on 110kph roads, but I figure it's just not the engine speed/car speed optimum for fuel consumption. The only thing I've ever noticed is a very hot exhaust when unloading with the engine running.