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  • Installing catch can

    Hi everyone,
    I am not the most adventurous (non-)mechanic - being new to diesel turbo things. Seemed to me after reading about NOx and other pollution measures like the EGR and recirculating oil vapour exhaust gases and blow-by gases into the clean inlet manifold etc. was bad in the long run. I decided to fit a catch can to eliminate the carbon / soot / oil residue build up in the inlet manifold and cylinder head. It seemed easy enough looking on-line to fit a catch can myself. Hmmm.

    I always like to support local business and despite the slight price difference, bought the High Performance Diesel (HPD) Hilux catch can Item OCC-B-THD4D-4 at $385 delivered. Installed it myself in about 2 hours. Set of sockets (long and short sockets) and ring spanners, pliers to compress the hose clamps and some 'learn as you got got it done.

    I have no affiliation at all with HPD and did note other brands of catch cans can have pressure relief valves or some such but the HPD product looked very well made and I liked the review I read about it on one of the other forums (?Nissan Patrol one). The online order was delivered promptly by courier, well packaged and included everything needed and the hoses were already cut to the perfect lengths.

    I have never done much engine work and the two issues I encountered were: split washers and nuts when mounting the brackets - I prefer lock nuts and replaced the nuts and split washers with lock-nuts all round from some I had in M6 size... and pushing the rubber hose supplied onto the turbo fitting 'bib' as the hose is a bit small. I took off the large hose clamped hose (?radiator reservoir hose) and pushed it aside and then tried for ages to get the hose on. Did all the wrong things - twisting / pushing etc. and wouldn't go. Then looked up google and a site ('Second Chance Garage') told me I'd done it all wrong - and to use dishwashing liquid or Armour All (and never oil) to lubricate the hose / bib. I also then thought of my rubber coated gloves to give me better traction on the hose - and it worked with much effort and another 30mins uttering obscenities.... So far driven 75km and all holding together!!

    Pictures to follow below when my phone finally uploads them...

    Its a very solid mounting bracket with stay and the catch can looks great - very nice billet machined aluminium... Hopefully I am now protecting my engine and turbo from unnecessary carbon sludge build up.

    Anyone else done something like this or any experiencing with other catch can brands / vendors?


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    Thanks for the write up. Would be interesting to know how much oil you catch after a couple of thousand km.


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      I like your install Johton 👍👍👍

      May I know how many M6 locknuts holding the bracket? Did you have to dismantle/move any other parts?
      Did you have any OBD error codes or anything like that after installation.

      Thanks for the part no. I look forward to install one too.
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        I have only done 150km since install all around Brisbane. Working incl over weekend.... No issues so far and drives normally. I keep checking the turbo hose hasn't decided to work lose!

        For kzen - there are no holes to drill. The stay bracket uses one bolt from the existing ??brake line block mounting and one hole thats in the fender already. The other bracket uses two existing holes in the fender accessible from the wheel well just above the shock absorber and easily from the engine bay (I could reach under myself with the ring spanner and use the ratchet spanner in the engine bay - one mounting hole has a threaded nut already factory welded to it and painted and the other is just a hole so needs a nut. I used 6 lock nuts in total - three for the catch can top bracket and three for the bolts that came out via the fender holes. Everything fit perfectly - no pushing / bending or mods needed. No damage to paint and I think you could uninstall it and not leave a single mark. Very precise machining.

        I was reading a thread about modifying engine emission systems etc. so I don't know if I have done the right thing even bothering to fit a catch can but I drive very short distances mostly (10km to work and back) and can't afford a second small petrol car as was suggested in the write up - hoping to go for that big trip though (one day sooonish) and thus just have to have the tuna!!!

        Got some more photos of the install as well...




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          Two more pictures....


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            Hey Johton, I have a strange question. Did you used to work for easy post? Can't be to many people in bris, by the name Johannas?


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              Thanks for the photos Johton, really helps a lot 👍


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                Had my 6 month Toyota fixed price service on Tuesday. Had them check I fitted the catch can correctly - the mechanic was happy with my handiwork. The catch can I bought has a dipstick to check oil levels and nil evidence of even a hint of oil film / carbon etc on the metal dipstick. I don't know how often I will need to undo the bottom end 'holding bowl' of the catch can but not very often I guess. I will check the dipstick every 3 months I think. I don't know if its worth doing the catch can thingy with these new engines but the Nissan GU 3.0 has lots of posts re oil / gunk in the inlet manifolds at higher mileages (e.g over 200,000km) and I plan on keeping the tuna for a fair while... I drive around town and lots of short distances under variable engine load so not brilliant driving for any diesel ... its my insurance policy really. I did decide against fitting a blnaking plate with 7mm hole for the EGR as I have read variable reports and the catch can will hopefully do something useful....

                There is the Provent style catch can with some sort of pressure relieving valve to stop back pressure but I do like the very high quality machined metal of the HPG catch can and it all fit great apart from the hose to the turbo. I looked again at the Provent kit and their hose has different size ends to fit the turbo housing 'bib' so might be easier to actually fit this kit as a DIY project. Its a very simple DIY job to do - I will post a photograph of my dipstick in November (it was clean just now...) - I did 5400km in the first 6 months so far....

                Silver Tuna - nope - never worked for easy post... I work at the Mater Hospital! Hope to get out to Mount Mee or Glasshouse Mountains again soon and just saving up for some 'mods' - snorkel first up (Safari I think), and bullbar (TJM in body colour I think....).



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                  Also installed mine today.

                  I had a look around and the cheapest I found it was on eBay


                  Since the guys were local I decide to drive down there to pick it up. If you let the seller know you're from the Fortuner Forum he'll let you have it for $350 (not sure if that includes delivery)

                  Just like Johannes said, the hose going into the turbo inlet was a pain in the ass! I also removed the turbo outlet pipe (to the intercooler) to get better leverage on the hose. I used silicon spray to lube up the hose.

                  I've done just over 7000km from new and the breather hose from the rocker cover into the turbo inlet pipe is already covered with a good layer of oil. I think it's safe to assume that my turbo inlet pipe/turbo/intercooler is probably already covered in a good layer of oil.
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                    I wouldnt mind paying the $350 for an oil catch can , but - why is it you can buy one for every other car for under $150 and for us its $350??? is it worth getting a universal one and making up some hoses to fit?
                    2019 GX , in White


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                      By all means, you can use anything. There's no benefit to the $350 catch can over $150 catch can. You can use a gatorade bottle like I use to on my old Nissan Pulsar turbo if you wanted.


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                        I have been checking what is available and the cost etc. Western filters offer the genuine Provent with brackets, hoses etc for $320, filter element about $86 to be replaced around 40000klm
                        Jeff Hili from Western Filters would offer a discount of 10% if 10 or more forum members purchased as a group (not sure if others are interested and how to engineer this)
                        Western Filters also do a fuel filter kit that installs in front of the existing fuel filter for $302.50. I asked if this interfered with the duel batery setup being fitted, his reply was it would be tight (the kit replaces brackets and could pose a problem with the duel battery charger control and access to the new filter bowl to inspect/drain it)
                        In reading another thread about the duel battery setup where some were having charger unit fails possibly due to heat perhaps a better location could be behind the grill mounted high, there appears to be plenty of room, I added a bug screen in that space. With the battery charger unit mounted away from the fuel filter may allow room to add the extra filter
                        I also checked with TaipanXP and they have just purchased a Fortuner so perhaps soon they may have an oil catch can available, there design uses steel wool as a medium to trap oil droplets instead of fixed s/steel screens or paper elements as used by other designs


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                          After about 3000km use after 2 months. At a guestimate, I'd say thats about 50-100ml.
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                            After reading this article and installing a Diesel chip ended up purchasing a HPD catch can, Very easy to install looks great, had to remove intercooler hose to install one hose. Notice in intercooler pipe signs of oil, wish I installed catch can earlier not at 18000km, but better late then never.
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                              I just posted a reply to someone about the catch can - I'm 6000km into fitting and about 1000km highway and 300km offroading and rest Brisbane city driving... about 40ml thick black oil with some soot like stuff collected in the catch can. I'm happy I fit this now as that oil vapour would have recirculated through the engine / intercooler etc. Click image for larger version

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