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1GD-FTV Fuel Filter part number:

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  • 1GD-FTV Fuel Filter part number:

    Hi guys,

    Does anybody know the part number for the fuel filter for the 1GD-FTV? Is there any aftermarket filter that may be equal or better than the genuine toyota part? It would be nice to know/. Cheers!

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    Gen part is 233900L070 @ $62.10 from good dealers

    Flashlube Pre filter kit is FDF for the filter housing with filter and FLBKT29 for the bracket kit which will work with Dual Battery


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      You may not need to replace your fuel filter.
      There is an ongoing issue with high failure rates of the inbuilt sensor on the fuel filter canister resulting in unnecessary "Replace Fuel Filter" warnings.

      Try resetting the warning first. A blocked filter from bad fuel will result in almost immediate return of the warning (unless the sensor has failed completely).

      Dirty filters are pretty obvious when you remove them. If yours is still mostly white (ish) in colour, (allowing for normal diesel staining) then it does not need replacing. These filters are scheduled for preventative replacement as part of the 40,000km service but in normal use should continue to perform for up to 60,000km

      Fuel Filter Warning Reset procedure.
      1 Turn engine off / ignition off.
      2. Disconnect the 2 wire electrical connector mounted to the rear of the fuel filter canister.
      (be sure to press in the release clip and do not pull on the wires)
      3. Either start the engine or simply turn the ignition ON.
      (ignition ON for keyless requires fob present and two presses of the Start-stop button without depressing brake pedal)
      4. Within 30 seconds of ignition on, plug the connector back together.

      If your warning does not come back almost immediately but returns some kilometers down the road you have a faulty fuel filter sensor that will require replacement of the entire canister under warranty.


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        Hello thanks for this info. Just a question can you tell me how this makes it a sensor issue?? And do you know of dealerships changing these out under warranty
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      Hi Jncoxon27.

      Yes there is a Toyota service bulletin for this issue. I've had mine replaced under warranty at a Victorian dealership. I was told about this issue on my 22,500km half lap 3 month caravan towing trip, by two WA dealers and one SA dealer when I got my scheduled 'tuna services.

      See this thread