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Stop Manufacture on Fuel Filter Canister (inbuilt sensor)

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  • Stop Manufacture on Fuel Filter Canister (inbuilt sensor)

    Be aware that Toyota has a "stop manufacture" on the fuel filter canister (housing) as the inbuilt sensor has a high failure rate.
    The sensor measures the difference between the in and out flows of the fuel filter. IE, warns of a filter that is being clogged due to dirt.
    Symptoms are repetitive and unnecessary warnings to replace the fuel filter.
    This applies to the new Hilux and Fortuner and Prado that all share the newer 2.8 Turbo Diesel engine that entered the Australian market in late 2015.

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    Interesting, just looks to me like they have run out in some warehouses. Sydney warehouse has 25


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      I've genuine Toyota oil, fuel, & air filters as spares for my GX. But if anyone is concerned & needs filters, I've found these part nos. on the Ryco web. Oil Z418 or Z418ST (ST1); Air filters A1876; Fuel R2777P; Cabin filter RCA333P. (I've no affiliation with Ryco).


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        Toyota bulletin for this issue is TNF 55/16


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          Gday Hylife. How/where do I find or access the Toyota bulletins. I've tried to search for it on the Toyota site without any luck.


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            mine was noted at first service , and is being replaced as soon as stock arrives. I'd love to fit an additional fuel manager filter if i can be assured they wont wipe my warranty.
            2019 GX , in White


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              I asked about this during my 10,000km service last week. They will only carry out the Tech Bulletin if the fuel filter replace light is repeatedly showing. If you're not getting the warning light, they won't replace it.


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                mine was replaced last week , took them a couple of weeks to get the new filter housing in and about 15mins to replace. the warning only flashed up once , just after i drove out of the dealer who said they might get worse with time.
                the factory filter is 10 micron and ive since added a 30 micron pre filter. its a bit squeezy in there now when combined with the dual battery but its ok
                2019 GX , in White


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                  The factory filter does an exceptional job and is rated for up to 60,000km but is changed out as part of the servicing schedule every 40,000km.

                  Available everywhere (Toyota dealership) they only cost about $60 and are super easy for any owner to fit themselves in under 3 minutes with zero tools required.

                  The filter canister has a simple screw off locking ring on the bottom portion (bolted to engine bay) that holds down the top portion with all the hoses and wires.
                  Pile rags under the canister to catch spilt diesel.
                  Rotate the ring (lefty loosey - righty tighty) and lift up the top after unplugging the wire connector.
                  Lift out the old filter and drop in the new one.
                  Fit the new o-ring that comes with the new filter and push down the top portion and screw up the ring.
                  Pump the priming button until it goes hard.
                  Start engine and idle until the air in the line causes the engine to stop with fuel starvation.
                  Crank engine in 10 second intervals (don't overheat the starter wiring) until the engine restarts.
                  (If you have smart button start the starter continues to crank the engine until it starts so press the button after 10 seconds to stop the cranking and allow the wiring to cool)

                  Job done.

                  To reset the fuel filter warning.
                  Unplug the wiring connector on the side of the filter canister, turn on the ignition and then reconnect the wiring connector within 30 seconds.