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    Hi guys,

    I was searching for something on the interweb and came across this website. . Apparently this is a plug-in emulator that'll trick the ECU that the DPF is still there. With this emulator, we are able to get rid of that stupid power sapping DPF from our engines. I know it will open a can of worms but hey, we wouldn't be car enthusiasts if we left our cars stock, right? We also don't need the DPF in the Canning Stock Route, do we?? We definitely don't need the DPF limp mode in the middle of the Simpson desert.

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    seems ok , but i would think unless they have actually tried it on a Forty it may not work. Hiluxes and Prados may run different software , not to mention they have wiring harness differences. I'm a dubious about this mob as well , one of the Mitsu boys bought a 300 pound airbag emulator off them and all it contained inside was a 22ohm resistor!!
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      Haha! yes, we'll wait and see what the boys at HILUX.NET do with these things. There are a few guys who just bought the 2016 hilux complaining about the ECU going brick when they started fiddling with it.