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Fuel system D4D 3.0 First generation Fortuner

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  • Fuel system D4D 3.0 First generation Fortuner

    Hello all,

    Does anyone know if the Fortuner has a diesel sub tank?
    I think I have quit a big amount of water in the main dieseltank, and I couldn't find any drain plug on the main tank to drain diesel.

    I heard that there is another fuel filter between the 2 tanks, if there is a sub tank.

    I don't have a service Manuel yet so I am not familiar with the complete fuel system. I replaced the fuel filter (toyota genuine) under the hood and cleaned the housing of the fuel filter and drained a couple of time the bottom of the housing after a few long rides.

    Any advise on the fuel tank(s) is highly appreciated.


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    Unfortunately there wont be a lot of info on the previous generation Fortuner as Australia has only received the current generation Fortuner for the first time. In late 2015. Your best bet would be the South African, Thai or Philippines based forums as they all seem to have had the previous gen.

    Unless of course someone on here has come from one of those countries and has owned a previous gen Fortuner?
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      No. The previous one does not have subtank.


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        Hi guys,

        I was not aware that I would't receive notification emails, that's why my late reply to you all. Now it is changed to email notification

        Thanks for the info. I could't find any suply fuel lines or return line to another location so it looks like Cheeckydonkey is totally right.

        Only a fuel sediment/water filter under the hood and a main tank.

        Cheers and thanks for the quick responses.