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  • Need Help on Tune Up Parts

    Good Morning, fellow Fortuner Owners. I am John and hailing form Arizona, USA. My wife and I bought a 2005 Fortuner with a 2.7 (2TR-FE?) Petrol engine. We have it parked at my mum's place in the Philippines. The SUV gets driven about 50km a month just to keep the lubricants circulating. We are going to visit at the end of this month and will be buying all necessary tune up pieces here Stateside.

    If if someone with the same year and engine size would be so kind to let me know information on these, I'd appreciate it:

    Oil Filter part number
    Oil Weight/Viscosity
    Oil Capacity in Liters
    Air Filter part number
    Fuel Filter part number
    Spark Plug (Denso or NGK) part number
    Headlight Bulb Type
    Power Steering Fluid Type

    The same engine for our Fortuner is used here in America for the Tacoma and 4Runner models but some parts are not identical nor interchangeable. However, I can order the parts from a local dealership here, as they may be used in other Toyota models, providing I have part numbers to give them.

    Your help is appreciated.

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    hi John we cant really help you with that unfortunately. this site is more for the Australian models which only arrived here in late 2015 , and are all the 2.8 diesel engine. Possibly someone on the Hilux / Revo forum will know more.
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