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1,000 km service. Oil change or not?

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  • 1,000 km service. Oil change or not?

    Are their any mechanical minded people who can offer advice regarding the value of doing an oil change at the first complimentary 1,000 km service?
    I've heard it's good but also read in the owner's manual that it is not required.
    I've heard there may be special 'run in' oil that should not be removed.
    Any thoughts???

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    Toyota pay for the repairs under warranty if something breaks. So if they say it doesn't need to be changed then i would follow their advice. Id listen to a multi-billion dollar business that wants to keep warranty repairs to a minimum over backyard mechanic advice


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      nothing major gets done at the 1000klm service they just check to make sure the fluid levels are ok and the important bolts are tight. Minimal running in is required these days so no need for running in oil or a change.
      it is the owners responsibility to check oil levels so keep doing that as a good routine.
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        Editing a comment
        Interesting about the owner's responsibility,
        All of my fords i've had over the years (BA MKII [lemon], BF MKII [never really had any issues] FG XR6 [a damn sight too many issues, had the 5spd auto box yuck!], SZ Diesel Territory AWD [Most mechanically reliable ford i've had] i never bothered checking the oil, because servicing was every 15,000KM and they were service like clockwork even the Diesel Territory was 15,000KM, i do admit though most of them spent more time in the workshop than on the bloody road :P so that could be the difference.

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      Speaking of checking the oil, I did this for the first time (Fortuner is only 1 week old) and was very surprised to see clear oil after 600 km. My previous Diesel Hilux D4D would have black oil after 5 minutes of driving. There must be a big difference in the new engine.


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        yes the new engine runs a lot cleaner , first thing you notice is a tiny oil filter , whereas previous models used a much larger filter to catch all the contaminants.
        2016 GX , in White