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Injector rattle on cold start up

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  • Injector rattle on cold start up

    Hey guys , I am wondering if anyone has encountered a really noisy injector rattle on cold start up . It for between half a second to a couple of seconds. I know they always rattle more when they are cold but this noise has come out of know where and it never made this noise before till after its 20k service . Best way to describe the sound is it sounds like there in no oil in the lifters upon start up . Any help would be appreciated

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    . What's probably happening is the oil is draining back overnight out of your lifters. In the morning on first start-up it takes a couple of seconds for the oil pressure to pump up again and the lifters to work properly. This has been caused by the engine oil thickening over night and taking longer to get round the engine. Possibly you are using a medium weight oil which is fine in summer. Try using a 0/30 oil , low ash full synthetic and see if it makes a difference. cheers.
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      Hey David , I have had Toyota look at it they recon when the service was done the filter was left off for to long which caused to much oil to drain back out which in turn drained out of my lash adjusters (lifters) . They recon there is a air lock in there and will take anything up to 1000km to clear up. They recon there is one other case exactly like mine in North Queensland. I will keep you updated


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        Thanks Bestie. Mine have started a bit of a rattle for a little bit on a cold start on a cold morning now at 30k. fine for the rest of the day. could be the same thing.


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          Did it start after just after your 30k service or did it start just out of the blue ?

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        started just after the service. Also there were a few rattles from around the front of engine (chain tensioner hydraulic tensioner) . I think that explains the rattle. Thanks mate.