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1gd-ftv EGR blanking plate.

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  • 1gd-ftv EGR blanking plate.

    Have been trying to find information on the EGR blanking plate mod for the 1gd-ftv engine, now in the Fortuner, Prado & Hilux, similar to the blanking plate mod done on the 1kd engines in the previous models. Haven't had much luck so far, other than this photo from the Pradopoint forum, and that mechanics that have worked on the new engines saying the EGR set up on the 1gd engine is a way better design than on the previous 1kd. Post #205. Has anyone else found more information?
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    Hi Mick

    I found this item form Tin @ PradoPoint sell a blanking plate on ebay.

    I have one on order will let you know the results, I have a Prado but mach the same 2.8L engine.


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      Something to consider if you are planning in tinkering with your engine:



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        This was a awesome read a real eye opener into anyone considering tampering with the egr .

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      Thanks Vanaxe, I believe if you use a 7mm hole like the previous model engine use successfully, the new GD series engine will throw a code, hence the bigger hole in these.
      EGR DPF delete the way to go... for off road, closed circuit use only of course...
      DaveC, some good reading about EGR blanking plates and plenty of photos of choked up 1KD engines over on Pradopoint.


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        G'day guys, so first post on here....hello to all! (member of NewHilux for many years). I'm a current owner of a 3.0 D4D Hilux and tried the whole blanking plate thing. Take my words with a grain of salt, but honestly don't waste your time. It makes absolutely NO difference in regards to the effort put in. Not to mention that its illegal. My advice....spend the money on a good quality catch can early on. It'll save alot of pain later on!


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          Just throwing my two cents in - I bought one of the ebay blanking plates (?$10) and still have it on my computer desk as eventually I felt the catch can was the way to go and protect the engine from all the recirculating oil mist and exhaust gas debris - I certainly have my catch can collecting black cruddy oil residue.... hopefully that alone will do it... see the separate Catch can thread... costs a heap more but then....

          If you fit a blanking plate with the bigger hole it would be great to take a couple of photos on engines with and without catch cans already fitted and see if they look cleaner inside??? not sure much would be visible in these new vehicle and with just a mini-peek into the blanking plate manifold slot...