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Injector driver pattern tutorial 2

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  • Injector driver pattern tutorial 2

    I realise the description of photo in tutorial on doesn't really show. Sorry guys this is a learning curve.
    first pic in tutorial 1 shows pilot, pre and main injection phases. I put a description on what each phase does. Note there is no post injection due to its used for soot reduction and will be put in when needed.
    voltage in pic one hits 50v for 60 microseconds then drops to alternator voltage.

    pic 2 shows current flow peaking at 16 amps the dropping to 8 amps.

    pics below show higher RPM under acceleration.
    one is zoomed in. You can see on main injection phase the current flow drops down to about 6.5 amps. This happens because the duty cycle used (time on to time off) is reduced. So duty cycle starts off at 63% and holds 8 amps to dropping to 39% on which pulls current flow down to the 6.5A
    The third pic shows duty cycle on time being 7.504 microseconds. Now when there is 1million micro seconds in a seconds that some fast switching.
    I think injector patterns in solenoid style common rail injectors are pretty cool so thought I would share.