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The great DPF myth

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  • Thanks for that. I couldn’t input it with out an equation error. Might have to do some reading about pids and try again.
    I’ve learnt some interesting things using tha app. The odometer and speed input to the ecu is correct, it’s the actual speedo that is 6 kms out. That’s why the l/100kms is almost always perfect. So when someone complains about poor fuel economy after fitting larger tyres and there speedo now reads correct, it is most likely about 6% better then they think.
    I ended up buying the gasket and washers for the fifth injector and I’ll pull it out and give it a clean when I get time.


    • I found the vehicle speed on a scantool to be about 1 km an hour difference to GPS on dash cam at 100km/h. Yet speedometer was close to 105km.
      so when cruising on highway I go by GPS dash cam speed.

      let us know how the result of cleaning 5th injector. The gasket under the housing is steel so I have never actually replaced it. Before tightening the fuel line just bleed some fuel through with pump on filter, that will eliminate a potential no start situation if it has too much air in line. Taking cap off cooling system will release any pressure so less coolant is lost when you take off the cooling hoses. (You most likely know this stuff and I am crapping on again).
      Ended up putting another MAF sensor in car as fuel economy went bad and regen distances shorten up again. Huge amount of smoke from local fires recently. Fuel economy has improved a lot and regen distances stretched back out to normal 300 odd kms with a shorter one chucked in about every 3rd time. Got genuine MAF sensor from China for about $80.00


      • JohnLynn
        JohnLynn commented
        Editing a comment
        My speedometer reads 4 or 5 % high, I have a feeling that the law allows quite a margin in this direction but very little in the other so I have always assumed this is why manufacturers err on the cautious side. I suppose it may slow us down as well if people without a GPS rely on the speedometer only.
        I still intend to clean my 5th injector and to take some photos or video of the operation but amazingly after 40,000 Km my DPF and fuel economy seem good so I am unsure when to do it.
        I have heard of others having problems after driving through smoke affected areas, could you refresh my memory on the theory of how the MAF sensor changes the regen distance and economy if subjected to contamination?

    • Hi all. Just had my 2015 model DPF changed over yesterday to the latest version. Under Toyota warranty so no cost to me. Car feels a bit different to drive.. a bit hard to explain but feels lighter under foot.

      Won't know about fuel consumption til I monitor it over the next few days or so, but am expecting a bit better than I normally get.

      DPF burns; it underwent a burn on Sunday, so I'll wait & see how often that occurs as well. Plus monitor the scan gauge to suss out how hot the new DPF get.


      • I asked about this on the facebook pages but I didn't get much interest. Probably a few "LOL's" but that's it. When Toyota installs the new DPF they also update the software on the ECU. I asked if anyone would be interested in letting me read their ECU so I can find out exactly what Toyota changed. I didn't get any volunteers, I guess people fear what they don't understand.

        Anyway, your feedback is similar to others, the new DPF with the new ecu flash makes the car feel "faster".


        • dandin, I always have probs trying to put photos on here, so here's how it appears on Toyota's invoice....

          Job 1. DPF IMV / DPF Prado - SPA Applicable

          Job 2. Replace Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) with Level-Up Parts Kit.
          Carried out health check (car not me..LOL - sorry couldn't resist it)
          Replaced Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Assy
          Replaced Additional Injector Housing Assy
          Replaced Additional Injector Assy
          Performed ECU Re-flash
          Confirmed Additional Injector Cooling Pulse Off
          Carried out clean of MAF Sensor
          Completed Intake System Operation Check
          Performed DPF Resets & Manual Regeneration
          Roadtested vehicle - all ok

          PRT TOY 0400993425 Injector Holdr DPF Hilux -05/18
          PRT TOY 0400993525 Injector DPF Prado Hilux -201
          PRT TOY 0400993625 DPF parts kit Hikux Hilux -05/18
          PRT TOY 0400993725 DPF holder kit B Hilux -05/18
          PRT TOY 2573311010 Pipe No.1
          PRT TOY 257340E010 Pipe No.2

          And yes, it does seem faster.


          • Thanks for listing the invoice Anthony. The line item "Performed ECU Re-flash" is why the car feels faster.

            They have updated the ECU calibration, my intent was to find out what they changed by comparing it with an older calibration.