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  • Scantool Diagnostics.

    For the information of members of the forum, could Spook or someone with a diagnostic tool capable of giving a full readout, post up a full readout of engine diagnostics. The hilux forum has one and it has been of enormous help to countless people with problems, but the hilux engine is configured slightly differently to the Fortuner. We need a thread of our own.. Thanks. Davidd.
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    Hi Davidd, can you give me more info on what you want?
    are you after engine data or Diagnostic trouble codes.
    ill do what I can
    cheers, Luke


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      Is this the type of thing mate?


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        Thanks Luke. That's exactly what I was after and what they have on the Hilux site for both early and 1GD engines. Both these engines have different readouts to the Fortuner variant of the engine and it sure makes your day when you have this to compare ours to. .
        I'll start the ball rollling as I have a couple of queries which I will post up later
        Thanks again. We now have the whole thing, a post up of the engine, people with the mechanical and electrical knowledge and now the diagnostic knowledge. Also guys with aftermarket and tyre knowledge. This really helps us all.
        We are fortunate indeed.
        .. .
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          Ok sweet, I’ll put screen shots up of the other data but in a new thread and maybe it can get stickied.
          keep this thread going for engine diagnostics questions, explanations of what the data is, when it should change due to driving conditions ect.


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            Tried to put post up and making changes for better pics then it got flagged for spam😂


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              O.K. A few readouts fro my truck.
              Revs 850.
              Maf 3.4 gm/sec
              Map 78 kpa
              VN Turbo 5.1%
              EGR 55%
              Engine at idle and hot. Is a manual if that makes a difference.

              At max. acceleration map is 170kpa. Maf is 120 gm/sec. VN turbo 55%.
              All readings seem a bit erratic and may not be achieved all the time.
              Egr always closes on medium acceleration.
              Vehicle seems sluggish except for the very rare occasion that VN turbo reading snaps up to 60%.
              Quite often at idle, hot or cold there is often a sound like rattling tin. Can't trace it except that it seems to come from exhaust side of engine.
              Any ideas appreciated.
              Dealer has a new DPF ordered
              When accelerating instant readout on dash in low gear can give readings of between 70 l/100 in 1st to 30 l/100 in 4th.
              Seems high to me.
              Cheers, Davidd.


              • Spook1205
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                Davidd any chance on putting a multimeter on middle wire of DPF pressure sensor and Giving it a bit of a rev? Voltage at idle and acceleration will tell me a if your DPF has blockage issues. Unless you have the PM%?
                Dealer say why he is changing DPF?

              • Spook1205
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                The MAF is way too low
                Map is way too high
                EGR is too high
                See post below with Toyota techstream pics.
                I would have to wonder how accurate the handheld device is.
                I had exactly the same MAP readings on the scangauge2 until I changed it to read a turbocharged engine. Then I realised I was completely mislead with boost pressures engine was running.

                Hope some of this info here and below helps mate.
                I wish you lived close by and I could physically look at it.

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              Yes mate.There have been quite a few of these things changed out. There has been a problem with them blocking up and blowing smoke. If they do that they will change them out for un updated DPF. Mine blew a huge billow of smoke a while back so thy finally agreed to change it. My DPF readout on my hand held has always read -327. The dealer says the pressure tube is blocked. Guess they will look at that when they do the change over. For over a year now I have taken the truck for a 50k drive once a week to try to keep it cleaned out and if I go to the local shop I have a 20k circuit worked out to get the engine hot. But after a week of driving about with the thing in non stop regen mode and blowing two huge plumes of smoke about 25 metres long I rang the dealer and he agreed to change it out. The regen finally stopped about 500mtres from home two days after I called the dealer. I must have frightened it by threatening to change it out. Incidentally during the week of regen there were two 200k trips giving it plenty of time to clean out if it was going to. Will wait to see how dealer goes before doing any more with the DPF. It was the other readouts that really concerned me at this stage.


              • Spook1205
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                50km drive is awesome idea just need to time it when it’s about to regen or is in regen.

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              Did they say when they can do it? I heard there is a back order on them.
              With your symptoms it’s very likely the 5th injector is blocked hence it not completing successful regens on built up DPF.
              if DPF is in good order it will regen on post injection alone under highway conditions.
              Another thing I have come across and seen evidence of physically and read in literature papers is the carbon deposits are different from city driving to highway / heavier load. One is a harder type carbon the other is a softer fluffier type.


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                My vehicle has the following Davidd
                rpm 850
                maf 16.39 gm/sec
                Map 86kpa
                EGR 9.5%

                these come straight from a Toyota techstream, so no problems of pid data equation having any errors.
                the attached two pics show this data.


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                  Yeah my maf is 3.5 and map 78, both low. VN turbo is 5.1% versus 60. All real low. My egr is 55% against 9.5%. Almost seems my high egr is making up for a lack of air coming in . I noticed the ecu was asking for both the egr and turbo readings so something's wrong. As for the 5th injector I think you're dead right. Often (Usually when engine cold or not really hot) there is a highly audible quick tack-tack-tack sound coming from the right side of the engine. I finally bought a stethoscope to try and track it down. Put the thing on the exposed shaft of the 5th injector and VOILA!!!!! There it was clear and almost deafening through the scope. So it seems the 5th injector thing is solved and probably part of the regen problem.
                  We may be getting there slowly.
                  there is still the mettalic tapping like tin. Usually almost or does disappear when engine hot. I have an idea it may be a turbo problem. That 5.1% turbo at idle is real low. And my egt readings are always high and fuel economy is dreadful. At his stage I'm thinking injectors are over fueling. That would cause high egt, poor fuel economy and possibly contribute to DPF problem,
                  Any thoughts or comment on that would be appreciated. I'm just a mug speculating.


                  • Spook1205
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                    When these readings were taken was it under regen?
                    Reason being is the intake is restricted by electronic throttle and boost pressure is lower by roughly 3psi under regen.
                    This can account for your readings of MAF, map and turbo readings being what they are.

                    Under forced regen my EGR was at 11%.
                    I am wondering if your EGR is stuck open.
                    I can test position sensor voltage and if you compare that on yours it will give a firm diagnostic reading if good or bad. Stuck open 55% is bad and could be a result of DPF blockage.
                    Sorry to go back to sensor voltages but it makes sense to me and it’s the data the ECU reads.ill get back to you with idle voltage and what wire. With pics.

                    If you are handy with a spanner look at the vid on cleaning 5th injector and then do two forced regens. Good chance that will fix your DPF problems (not EGR though) If not your DPF will be completely stuffed.

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                  No mate. My readings were just taken at normal engine idle, quite a few times, hot after a run, warm after a short run etc.

                  I think I'll leave it now till after the car comes back from dealer and see how much improvement there is. The readings have not changed since the long regen finished so will be interesting. Thanks for your help so far. I'll get back after I get the car back. It goes in tomorrow.


                  • Spook1205
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                    That’s interesting, definitely keen to see what you get after it comes back. Always looking for signs or symptoms for diagnostics and to understand more on what affects what.
                    Hopefully they sort the issues out and you can get back to enjoying the Fortuna

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                  Don't know bout back to enjoying the Fortuner. It was faulty when they delivered it nearly 2 and a half years ago and it has been faulty ever since. More problems now than when first delivered. The dealership has never been too concerned about it and gets quite aggressive sometimes. Still i'll persevere.


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                    Hi Luke. Car is back from dealer. No new DPF apparently just two forced regenerations. Running better after 2 tanks of fuel, but early days yet. Engine readouts the same. Maf 3.5. Map 78. VN turbo 5%. Egr 55%.
                    Had a look at another one. Maf 6. Map 81. VN turbo 10%. Egr 34%. All readings at idle 850 rpm.
                    Seems my maf is pretty low and Egr pretty high. Egr could be a problem as it's really pumping soot through and could be causing blockage. After i got car back, filled it up and got first regen at 300k. Second regen at 250 after the first one. A bit early. Hoping this isn't heading for another early blockage. Dealer said had checked 5th injector and turbo performance and both were fine.


                    • Spook1205
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                      Hey mate, it’s good result then. Forced regens work well.
                      I wonder if your EGR is not closing properly because that would cause low MAF readings.
                      Would be interested to see those readings under load / acceleration. EGR should be closed.
                      300 and 250 kms are good kms so hopefully early days end up long term days. Definitely keep us posted!

                      Thanks for the update Davidd

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                    Luke I took a reading under strong acceleration and got Maf 120, map 170 turbo 60% and egr 0. Egr closes pretty easily now under acceleration. Took a while working the egr valve at every chance with a lead foot on the gas pedal, but it finally works under a light pedal now. However egr seems to sit between 35 and 55 pretty much, when not shut. Fuel economy better but still not good. On two tanks since dpf regen, have had 9.1 l/100 and 9.3 l/100. Mostly on highway driving, so it should still be a lot lower than this. Will ask again at next service. I am getting a bit miffed now. Paid over 50k for a new vehicle which was defective when delivered and 2.5 years later in spite of never ending attempts to get it fixed it is worse than when delivered still getting nowhere. Still I'll keep trying.
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                    • Spook1205
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                      EGR actually closing is good👍 It’s not stuck or blocked.
                      Your fuel consumption is pretty much what I get, mine definitely would be no better than that.
                      I’ll have a think and get back to you about it

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                      Underload figures are really good but the bugging question is why your EGR sits at a wider %