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    Can anyone tell me if someone installed the shorter version of this on their fortuner and how it looks like? I have ordered one but has got one week to finalise. Of whether I should go with full size, Im not sure and other thing is cleaning the top part of car would be an issue.

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    Short one:

    Long one:



    • river
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      cheers! Ok the short one ai'nt too bad at all.

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    I have the long one. Just got my 2.5m awning on this weekend happy with it.


    • Fox
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      Does you boot open ok with the awning placed back that far?

    • John
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      Yeah it misses and doesnt over hang the back. It sits just far enough out.

    • river
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      nice one John...

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    Hi All- I’d be grateful for opinions on roof rack options for a GXL. I’ve decided a Rhino platform is the way to go, as have many of you out there. There are two options: the 1528mm and the 1928mm length. One of the Rhino installers here in Adelaide say they won’t install the longer 1928 rack without removing the roof rails and installing a new track system- which enables attachment via 6 feet to the car rather than 4. Apparently they think that without the track install the larger size platform is not well enough supported through 4 feet connected to the rails. Does anyone have any opinions on this? Those that have the longer rack attached to the GXL or Crusade rails, are you happy with the strength of it for general use? By that I mean nothing too heavy- max trax, swags, tents, shovels etc- maybe even a spare tyre? Cheers


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      Hey Tim, i have a GXL and would like to use the 1928mm long. Rhino could use 6 of the rubber mount legs to the existing GXL rails. Im thinking roof top tent on the back with lighter stuff on the front.


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        I have the 1928mm rack in the photos above, i load it up with swags, chairs, tables and a steel bbq regularly for camping. No issues so far. Due to the factory rails having a curve itll be tricky to get any extra legs in the middle. Itll be possible with the spacer kits just maybe not worth it.


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          "Apparently they think that without the track install the larger size platform is not well enough supported through 4 feet connected to the rails. Does anyone have any opinions on this?"

          This was also the advice given to me by both rhino and Frontrunner suppliers. I was keen on frontrunner but was not available yet when i was looking. I am aware of overloading the roofrack on bumpy tracks.apparently the new feet would massively increase the rack load rating.

          have you done a fully laden GVM estimate? With gear for a family of 5 i then went off the roofrack idea as i realised a trailer is inevitable not to overload the car. Only need it for extra gear required for bigger trips not your weekender. Thats ok would rather a trailer for two weeks than hauling around a bigger truck for the other 50 weeks per year.

          I am looking at something light like the stockman pod trailer or possibly smaller CUB to get weight off the car and onto towbar. You can hire both of these to try out. Whatever works for each situation.
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          • LongwoodTim
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            Hi 4tuner, those pod trailers look pretty handy for getting gear out of the car, I agree hiring is a great way to find something that suits your situation.

            The GVM estimate is an interesting one. I’ve done this recently and it is not hard to get close to GVM of 2750 kg with everything added up. This is with the bulk of our camping stuff (clothes, food, BBQ etc) in the camper trailer. Also, one of the numbers for Tare and Kerb weight provided by Toyota on the website appear to be inaccurate, so depending on which value you use you get a different payload. The stated numbers are Tare 2095 (10 L of fuel) and Kerb weight (Tare + full tank of fuel) 2110. Something is wrong here, and I have contacted Toyota to seek clarification on which number is correct. But at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter because it is the GVM which matters most.

            Here’s my back of the envelope calculation for my setup. I need to get to a weighbridge and see what the actual weight of my vehicle is as this is of course pretty rough. It’s on the list of things to do.

            ARB Bar (estimate from ARB, bar minus weight of parts removed) 55
            Lights 6
            Dual Battery System 20
            Tow bar 10
            Rear drawers (minus seats removed) 45
            Roof racks 20
            Fuel (10L already included in Tare) 70
            People x 4 200
            Towball down weight 150
            Fridge 15
            Maxtrax, shovel, recovery gear 15
            SUM 606

            Tare + minimum payload estimate as above = 2701
            GVM – (Tare + min payload) = 49 kg.

            So that leaves about 50 kg for other stuff!!! That will be tight. Hence I’m thinking that my drawers might have to come out of the equation and a simpler Frontrunner box-type setup used instead, which will significantly reduce the payload.

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          Hey all. Just curious re the roof's load capacity. Toyota say 75kg but when ARB fitted the Rhino (no affiliation to either company) tracks to my GX, they said it'd up the load rating to 100kg. (I've only got 2 Rhino roof bars & use a roof pod) & am careful not to exceed the 75kg Toyota rating.

          Sorry to ask, but can anyone tell me how installing Rhino's 4 or 6 leg set up increases the load carrying capacity. I can understand it distributes the load over more of the roof line, but the increased load rating seems odd to me as it doesn't strengthen the Tuner's factory roof or body structure.

          I'm happy to stick over the 75kg limit Toyota say, but not at the risk of damaging the roof structure going over corrugated road, thus voiding warranty.


          • thehunteroz
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            Hey mate i read this article a couple months back, HTH

          • LongwoodTim
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            Hi Anthony, agree with your comments. I think that the rating of the rack as such is largely academic as the load rating of the roof on the car is 75kg, so even if the rack can take 100kg the roof that supports it can't (according to the conservative numbers provided by Toyota, that is of course-The static load could be much higher as is nicely detailed in the link by thehunteroz). Take away the weight of the rack from the 75 kg (not sure but I guess 15-20 Kg) and that doesn't leave a lot on top of it, say 60 Kg. Thats my interpretation of the ratings anyway.

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          Tim interesting GVM calcs

          mine will be about the same. It would be great if you could report back following your trip etc would be interested to know how it goes.

          haven't bought a trailer yet but will be considering weight in that selection process.

          Will also do the sums on how many weeks a year you would need to use the trailer vs just hiring it for what will really be only a once a year annual type trip. Anyway plenty of options to consider.
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            Apparently the front runner racks are available .. see link

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              From Frontrunner
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                The Frontrunner stuff looks pretty solid, who's going first to install one. I read somewhere that the Fortuner is hitting tge US, so there shoild be heaps of options in next few years.


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                  Weighed up the other day.

                  crusade with
                  Roof bars (not rack) with no gear attached.
                  Bull bar + recovery points
                  One size up tyres
                  full tank of fuel
                  nothing in the rear cargo area
                  but one third row seat removed (left side still fitted)
                  3 child seats in 2nd row

                  tipped the scales at 2345 kg (not including people)

                  gvm 2750

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                  • tekka maki
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                    Ouch... not much room to move there.