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  • Front Runner Slimline II Owners!

    Hi All,

    Just a quick question for the Front Runner Slimline II Fortuners;

    What is the distance from the underneath of the rack to the top roof? Picture attached for clarity.

    I'm looking to purchase one of these racks and mount a light bar to the underside along the front.

    I've got two light bars from Stedi I'm looking at that are different heights.

    Also what accessories did you go with if any with your rack?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi All,
    I was able to get some info on this to answer my own questions and possibly help anyone who was looking into the same.
    Attached is a photo of the rack and dimensions on the roof. The height between the underside of the rack and the roof is 100mm and the maximum width of the rack to mount things to the under side is 1040mm.
    The STEDI light bar that would fit would be
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      Did you look at any other racks before you settled on the frontrunner rack, I ask the question as I noticed that the Rhino rack is wider than frontrunner rack . To me from the pictures the front runner rack suites the car better, however that is just my opinion.

      Let me know your thoughts on why you chose this rack as I am looking at getting one.



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        Editing a comment
        Hi Mate,
        Sorry for the late reply didn't get the notification!

        I was originally looking at the Rhino Rack Backbone system
        but at the time Rhino Rack didn't produce these yet.

        I went with the Front Runner as it was readily available and had plenty of accessory options that worked with what I wanted.

        I’ve used it on a heap of trips now and it hasn’t faulted me once.
        One word of advice is, if you are going to fit it yourself make sure you use plenty of sealant & the correct sealant when you get to that part of the fitment. Save you a heap of trouble in the future.

        Otherwise happy with the rack.