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Front Seats Uncomfortable??

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  • Front Seats Uncomfortable??

    Hi everyone, quick question in regards to the front seats, the Crusade leather ones to be specific.

    Does anyone else find the last panel of the seat under your tailbone, the closet bit to the upright section really hard and quite frankly uncomfortable?? I travel an hour to and from work as a minimum and find that I have a numb butt by the time I get to my destination! I'm hoping that it will soften up over time, cause at the moment it's a real PITA. (pun intended!)

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    Not sure if this info helps you, but my nephew bought a new 2017 2.8lt SR5 HiLux & has had his back to the dealer a few times for issues associated with the driver's seat. One of the issues being bad lumbar support causing him back pain, & he can actually feel metal of the frame pocking into him. He's even asked them to replace the seat, but they'd rather "fix" than replace it. Do you think it might be the frame, so than the leather?


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      That's interesting, I kinda had a feeling that was exactly what it felt like! But after giving the section of the seat a few really good pushes with my hands I cant feel anything solid as such. I am hoping it is just really taught leather. In fact my brother just recently bought the Ford Ranger because after test driving the Hilux he too got out of it with a heap of back pain also. He said that it was a combination of the spring rates and the seat So consequently went to Ford.
      Anyways thanks for the info, I'll just keep sliding my skinny ass forward to the comfy bit and see if it softens up in the mean time! Hahaha