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Interior rear camp lighting

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  • Interior rear camp lighting

    Hi all,
    As part of my dual battery setup in addition to the compressor, fridge power, Anderson plug I’ve added some LED lights on the rear tailgate.
    Complete with dimmer function of 7 steps.
    The self adhesive tape will not adhere to the interior plastics. As such I found there is room around the edge of the plastic trims to where the tailgate rubber seals.

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    good one , i like that.
    2016 GX , in White


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      Oh, here’s the dimmer location.
      The light switch is adjacent to the bag holder on the inside right panel together with the fridge power point.


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        Plagiarising RIch's idea
        Although I connected to the boot light so the LED's turn On/Off with the interior lights.
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          did you know that the interior lights switch off after about 20mins with the door open? you could add a separate switched feed for camping purposes
          2016 GX , in White


          • Chris4Tuner
            Chris4Tuner commented
            Editing a comment
            Thanks White One.
            Yes, it does indeed turn off after some time.
            For my purposes it works fine - loading and unloading fishing gear at night.
            And I can always just flick the boot light switch to ON if I need it longer.