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water ingress during river crossing

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  • water ingress during river crossing

    Hi everyone,

    I've had a look on the web but this doesn't seem to be a described problem with fortuner or late model hilux.

    Recently we went on a multiday bushwalk. Some friends did the same walk from the opposite direction (driving between the start and finish is ~3hrs one way). It made sense for us to drive their cars in to one end and they drive ours in to the other, then when we finished we could drive home and not worry about a car shuttle.

    Anyway, they drove our car in through a river crossing (~30m wide, 900mm deep) and when we got to the car around 5 days later I noticed the footwell carpet was wet (front, middle rows). We drove out through the same crossing but the carpets didn't get any wetter, the door seals didn't appear to have let water in etc. My theory is they drove through the crossing way too slow or stalled in it - if you spend enough time in water its inevitable some will get in the most well sealed cabin. They reckoned they knew what they were doing (river crossings) but I'm not so sure.

    We've done the same crossing a few times in our old hilux (2003 twincab) and never had any water get in despite the age of the door seals etc. Fortuner is a few months old.

    Had to get the car interior professionally detailed (seats, carpet removed, dried, steam cleaned).

    I'm interested in anyone's thoughts / if there are any similar experiences.


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    Well the wading depth is 700mm, water is definately going to come in if it was 900mm. Obviously keeping momentum reduces the amount seeping in, and if you stop in the middle then its going to come in a lot faster than if moving. The carpet is so thick that the underlay might get damp, but it takes ages for the carpet to show the moisture. Moral of the story is dont let other people drive your pride and joy!


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      Standard practice on any modern car for any water crossing where the depth is more than the bottom of the door height, requires you to immediately upon exiting the water, to stop the car and open all 4 doors.
      Due to the drain holes on the bottom of the doors, they will fill up with water, and for a wide crossing that will be to whatever the wading depth is.
      If you don't open the doors and allow a fast drain from the doors it will seep slowly inside and flood your carpets.
      Been there, done that, during an 800mm deep crossing 50M wide going into Twin Falls in Kakadu NP.
      Took 3 days to dry out and thankfully the water was pristine clear and left no mud on the carpet.


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        Thanks for the info Hylife. My original post actually related to the twin Falls creek crossing too!