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    Hi Frazza, yeah, a hitch mounted bike rack is definitely on the cards. An off-road trailer is probably inevitable but will try and avoid it for as long as possible.


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      Originally posted by 4Tuner View Post
      Hi All - I have got a few ideas from this website so just giving some back.

      Here is my storage setup which i have used on a few trips now and is working well.

      I was not interested in a drawer system due to both weight and also I need the car to convert back to a 7 seater as easily as possible for the 48 or so weeks a year i am not on a trip. I also need to store everything in my (small) shed when that happens.

      It is probably not the system for your hardcore offroader but for your family and weekend explorer (like me) it works well.

      My setup fits four of the frontrunner wolf boxes stacked 2 x 2 in which I can fit a fair bit of gear. I usually only have to move one box to get to the box i want. What works well for me is when i get home the boxes come straight out and onto the shelf in the shed (saying packed for the next trip).

      The battery system is a baintech powertop which is 100AH battery and seems to meet my needs at the moment at an inexpensive price. I completely charge the battery before I head out and have the fridge cold from mains power and haven’t had any issues with the battery. ARB 47Lfridge with ORS fridge slide. I have had an Anderson plug of course installed to the rear. The battery box is tied down well and behind the cargo barrier anyway if the car rolled.

      The cargo barrier is an Autosafe half one which is great as I store things down the side and at the back of my platform so need access. I can also get to my battery from behind the seat without pulling everything out of the rear. A full barrier would have been restrictive for storage in such a mid sized 4WD with kids and therefore space at a premium. I also have an ARB fridge monitor however up front so I don’t have the keep looking behind the seat to keep track of the battery on a trip.

      I can also remove the platform and cargo barrier within around 45 minutes from full camping mode back to family 7 seater. What I particularly like about my design is that I can have the fridge going and also the 3rd row drivers side seat (obviously without the cargo barrier or platform) at the same time for cold food and drinks on your non-offroad family trips where 6 seats are required.

      Anyway - everyone has their own requirements but this works for me so thought i would share.

      Good luck
      Thats pretty much the set up I've been thinking of but not have it as tall in the rear. I'm going to limit it to 550mm high. It's enough for my 40L Waeco to fit in and low enough to have another board on top that can slide out over the 2nd row of seats when they are folded forward and propped up with some supports and use the whole thing as a bed. I'm coming from an old Troopy so I'm missing all that space.


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        Hi all

        i have been looking at my storage and it seems could never quite fit in my water with all the other gear and passengers, well comfortably anyway (without people nursing the cargo).

        Haven't got roof platform but Jerry cans would take up most of the roof weight rating anyway.
        finally found this which I actually bought off someone who used it on something else but works perfectly for me.slots into the rear hitch. you can see from the photos the angle is set back which means I have full access to my rear door. I can even use my fridge slide.

        Low enough so does not block license plate or tail lights.

        Yes it probably reduces clearance at the back but not much at all. Photo not taken from the best angle to show.

        Used it on the weekend and it worked brilliantly. It is very strong made from thick steel and whoever welded it knew what they were doing. It is reinforced with a little bracket which you cantc see in photo.

        Only using for water at this stage but of course potentially diesel which I understand as long as in container which meets aus standards will be ok.

        Thought I would share the idea.

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          Was looking for a way to carry extra water for trips. Couldn't squeeze it in with kids in the back of the car comfortably (without people holding cargo on lap). I don't have a roof platform but didn't have enough weight rating to carry on roof anyway with other cargo.

          Came up with the below which I used on the weekend and works brilliantly. I bought it off a guy who made it for another vehicle but it fits perfectly. Because it is on an angle i can open the rear door and also access my fridge slide without removing it. Just attaches to hitch and doesn't impact rear clearance much at all. Also doesn't obstruct license plate or tail lights.

          Very strong. Whoever welded it knew what they are doing. Has a reinforced cross bar which you can't see in the photo.

          Thought I would l share in case someone looking for ideas.
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            4 Tuner, i have a similar problem however my kids are young and their feet dont touch the floor so we are looking at getting this

            If holds 40l, and ive been to test fit one and it goes perfectly across the 2nd row floor.
            They also do it as a diesel tank, but its probably not the best idea in the cab!!


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              Yes I also saw one of those in a shop but thought the option to mix the Jerry cans (2 water, 2 diesel or one of each) depending on trip work best for me. Also agree about diesel in cab. All good pros and cons.

              Another con is the hitch is my rear recovrry point. Takes a minute or two to remove the Jerry carrier for that purpose if in a situation every minute counts
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                Not sure if it'd help your situation, but I got a 'hanging' water bladder made up which is attached to the cargo barrier, & its housed behind the 2nd row of seats & in front of the cargo barrier. If you enter water bladder in the above search field, you'll find what I'm talking about & a couple of photos.


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                  How did you find the water bladder for noise in regards to the water sloshing around?

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                You do hear sloshing, but its more when you stop at lights or park the car. Not so much as you're driving. And obviously the more water you use, the less noise. I used to carry 2 x 10lt & 1 x 15 lt plastic jerry cans behind the driver's seat for personal use & the radiator in an emergency, which did take up floor space in the cabin.

                But for me, having the bladder between the 2nd row seats & cargo barrier, uses otherwise dead space, freeing up the floor space behind the driver's seat for other things. The bladder takes up about 2/3rds the width of the car, (basically the 60/40 rear seat split), which still leaves some room for spare filters to be stowed behind the 40 split rear seat. Works for me, but we're all different...


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                  My latest update adds a fridge slide and a DIY shelf to allow fridge/boxes to come out without unpacking.
                  The neatest feature is probably the water on tap. This was done using an ARB 'full-extension' fridge slide which has an extra section at the back for a 20L jerry can (or battery etc). It just fits under the half-cargo barrier and just touches the 2nd row seats. A great way to carry water and not waste space. The shelf was made with 1" aluminium "connect-it" parts from bunnings. It has a vertical frame on the centre and right, but not on the left as I needed room to slide a table in. It's not super rigid, but seems to work fine on the trips I've done so far.



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                    Hi Guys, Thought I would show you my Drawer install. Just got the Kings 900mm drawers. The wing kit they come with is for a 120 Prado so had to modify them to fit (I have kept the templates I made if anyone in Brisbane is wanting to do this). Sprayed the carpet Black to match the interior, as you can see in the first shot the blue/gray kind of stands out. Used the seat brackets on the floor to tie it down. Been in for 4 mths and hasn't shifted.



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                      Hi all, this is my drawer install. Manufactured in Victoria from Andrew at Affordable 4x4 drawers. Fantastic quality, very smooth operation. The base drawers was $900. All up these cost me $1150 which included internal carpeting, the table and an upgrade to the drawer slides. Highly recommended.
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