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3rd row seat bolt penetrates rear guard

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  • 3rd row seat bolt penetrates rear guard

    Has anyone experienced the 3rd row seat bolt protruding through into the right rear mudguard after seats are removed? Seats were removed before delivery and I'm a little concerned the protruding bolts will let water and corrosion in. The bolt has punctured through the under seal. The Toyota team say this is the same on another vehicle that has not had the seats removed. They have offered to encapsulate the bolt in more under seal. What do you think? How concerned should I be? thanks - SB
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    that happened to my Tuna as well , just put extra sealer around the hole , it will be fine. It can be a problem down the track otherwise , I had a RAV 4 which was a couple of years old , same issue , and when i went to take one of the seat belts off the bolt was completely siezed in place ,i had to drill it out internally to weaken it for removal.
    2016 GX , in White


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      SCB; just looked & I've the same issue. BUT.... interestingly, the through bolt site is above the rear right mud flap. My rear left mud flap actually has 2 pieces. The usual mud flap, then an extra squarer piece of rubber sitting above it, covering more of the guard's inner wheel arch, which might be covering a through bolt on the rear left side.

      On the rear right hand side where the bolt comes through, there is no extra square piece of rubber sitting above the mud flap, which might otherwise cover a through bolt. Funny the left rear has that extra piece & not the rear right.

      It'd be interesting to see if others find the same.

      I've done a few shallower water crossings & never noticed water marks or wet carpet type smells in the rear. Think I'll adopt White One's suggestion & put some sealer around that through bolt.


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        Mines a 2015 build and it’s the same. Weird they would not do the same as the LH side? No rust on the bolt, I don’t think it would let water through, but it is a break in the first protection barrier. Maybe in 20 years it could cause a rust issue (Toyota won’t care as it will be well out of warranty)


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          Guys, thanks for the comment... good to know its not a one off just on our vehicle.
          Toyota team took it to a panel shop who put a layer of proper under-seal over the bolt and it looks about as good as it can be. We just need the C19 lock-down to end so we can get out driving again.
          Cheers - SCB