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  • Dash mounts.

    Hi guys,

    I am looking at Dash mounting my iPhone and possibly iPad and just wondering what is a good dash mount system for the Fortuner?

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    RAM mounts holders for iPads / Tablets are popular, but expensive. I've an Arkon brand mount off ebay for my Hema HN7 with suction cup I attach to the windscreen, plus a 22 inch Arkon brand flexible gooseneck floor mount unit, that fits onto the bolt of the front car seat. Gotta undo the bolt holding the seat to the floor, then attach the foot of the gooseneck.

    I find the suction cup to the windscreen with the Hema attached, blocks my vision a bit when I'm looking to the left when driving. Not a lot, but enough to be an issue especially when offroad, which is why I got the gooseneck.

    For my phone, I got a CarComm charger/cradle unit (ebay again), with an antenna that I mounted onto the bullbar. Not cheap, but I prefer this set up. This just gives me a bit more phone coverage / reception when driving between country towns.