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Premature steering wheel wear - pitting

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  • Premature steering wheel wear - pitting

    Hi Everyone

    Has any one had the premature steering wheel wear occur to their Fortuner? I have noticed pitting around the wheel, and it appears to be an issue with the Toyota Hilux on their forums, with Toyota replacing wheels out of warranty.

    If you've had this issue what did Toyota do about the issue?



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    Ive heard of it as well , more so on the leather covered wheels. yes they are a warranty item , though i have heard of one dealer saying it was wedding rings , etc causing the damage.
    2016 GX , in White


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      My 2015 GX steering wheel is fine. First I've heard of this problem, & of finger jewelry causing it. If it is the jewelry, it would suggest to me the material covering the steering wheel is of poor quality.

      People have been driving for years wearing rings & it never seemed to be a problem before.


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        An out of warranty claim is sitting with Toyota atm, will see what they say.


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          awesome , keep us posted thanks. I guess at worst you could get a good quality leather wheel cover sewn on?
          2016 GX , in White


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            Update - Toyota are replacing the steering wheel out of warranty - no questions asked or push back


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              Great news
              I see today that some 2018 Tunas and Hiluxes are being recalled for a brake booster issue , so i guess they are being more customer focussed now
              2016 GX , in White


              • Spook1205
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                Editing a comment
                Generally any safety related components will have recalls without issues or fighting with manufacturers.
                Would be good if they applied this theory to all aspects of the vehicle.