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Headunit / Stereo removal

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  • Headunit / Stereo removal

    Found this looking up how to remove the headunit

    Might be useful to others

    I used this just to give it a go. I haven't removed the headunit itself but it looks like its only held in by 4 bolts. The unit itself looks like a single DIN. I'll get a better look later on today.

    1.) Remove the trim that surrounds the clock and middle vents. I started at the bottom slowly working my way around to the drivers side then the passenger side. I was really careful with this one. It's fairly thin piece of plastic so take it easy.

    2.) Remove the side trims. Bit of force required here, I started from the bottom and worked my way up.

    3.) Remove the trim that covers the headunit face,

    4.) The exposed unit

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