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  • Aftermarket headunit - Android 2din

    As good as the stock head unit is, there are just somethings I've been spoilt with in my other car with an Android head unit.

    I ordered this from the CarJoying website. It took less than 1 week to arrive and it also had postage tracking details.

    I didn't want to install it using the original facia because there would be a very big gaping hole around the headunit. You can find 2Din facias on EBay and Aerpro webiste
    2Din Facia from Aerpro

    I didn't want to cut up the original wiring harness so I bought the following harness from the Car Joying website. 3 of the plugs were not required and I had to re-wire SWC1 and SWC2 into the correct wires

    I also used this 24pin plug for the reverse camera. The OEM camera uses 5V (not 12v). I had to tap this into the reverse wire in the wiring harness I bought.

    I had to modify the original mounting brackets to remove the locating bumps so that it would fit the new head unit. I don't have pictures of what I did, but you can see the original mounting brackets here:

    I've attached a couple of pictures of what it looks like.


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    nice work , but how did you know which factory wires to use or not use ? did you need a wiring diagram?
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      I used a harness which made cutting/splicing to a minimum.

      Here's the wiring diagram I used but in the end it wasn't necessary since I bought harnesses for everything.

      Click image for larger version

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        thanks for that , sounds like you have some experience with these things. ive done a couple but only on older cars. So , just to confirm you used the factory reverse camera but had to feed it 5volts instead of 12 ?
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          I've only done it twice. I just prefer to keep things plug'n'play as much as possible.

          You're right about the reverse camera. If you buy the ebay item I linked above it saves you the trouble of converting the 12v signal into a 5v power input for the rear camera. There is a detailed post here - - if you want to do that yourself.

          I just put as much research into it as possible to save me headaches :-)


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            dandin the presales people referred me to your post, how is the unit working out for you? Any review you can share? I'm a bit concerned about the fascia mismatch—the 9" one is a tad smaller, and the 10" one is slightly bigger. Other than that:

            - does the steering remote working normally?
            - brightness adjusts to the headlight sensor (dims when light is on).


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              The android headunit is way more capable than the original Australian Toyota unit. Think of it as having a phone integrated within your headunit.

              To answer your questions:
              - You'll need to change the facia to a 2din facia. Otherwise you will have gaps between the base unit and the facia. If this doesn't matter to you, you can leave the original facia.
              - The original touchscreen is 9" with a display size of 6-7". Looking at the pictures you have uploaded, the original Australian unit is different to your Indonesian unit.
              - The steering wheel keys work just fine.
              - The brightness can be made to work with the headlights or using time.


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                dandin do you use the default rom, or did you try 3rd party ROM? There's a very active thread on the xdaforum about these MTCx android head units, and some of them can do pretty interesting stuff.

                - how's the software stability of the unit? Any hiccups of some sort after a while?
                - do we really have to pay extra to get a harness that works with our Fortuner?
                - would the (modified) mounting bracket fit to the original bracket?

                I'm thinking of getting the 9", VW Joying models. It doesn't have the hard buttons on the far side, and no branding.
                Additional thoughts: the Joying 9" VW unit is actually the closest in dimension to match the original head unit, and without hard buttons on the wrong side of the unit (we drive on the right side — pun intended).
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                  I suggest you get a univeral 2din unit. The 10.1" screen won't fit according to my measurements because of the padded facia that goes on both sides of the headunit/temp control unit. The 8" unit fits just fine, however a 9" unit would have been perfect but they don't have any universal 2din 9" ones. The univeral 1din units will also fit but it means having to fool around with the mounts.

                  - I didn't bother with changing the ROM. These new units are not compatible with the MTCx ROMs
                  - I don't have any stability issues. The unit does everything I ask it to.
                  - Not sure what you mean about the modified bracket fitting to the original bracket?

                  This is my second headunit. My other unit has a different ROM but with this unit I don't see the need of changing to 3rd party ROM.


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                    So Joying says that the 9 VW unit won't fit. But I found a Bonroad 9" model (this one has 2GB of RAM), and the latest 10" offering from Joying.

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                      Why not get the same model I did?


                      This is the newer version of the same headunit.


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                        The 10.1" requires the unit to be installed slightly popping out, in order to compensate it's big size, correct? I'm really torn, so I'm gonna step back and wait for more options. 9", 2GB unit seems to be the one I want. Bracket adjustment is fine for me, but less on wiring, so it has to be compatible. The wiring diagram you posted is for the Fortuner?


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                          Hi Dandin, are you still using the same unit? The link seems to bring me to main products page. I am looking for a unit that fits within the bezel/frame.

                          Anyway do you have a pin out of the stock player what all the plugs pin outs are? Especially the smaller plugs on left side that looks like network ports.


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                            wiring diagrams for stock unit attached -

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                              Kiat, I'm still using the same unit. The pin out's are the same for most Toyota's. I'll attach what I used.

                              The smaller plugs that look like network ports are for the USB
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