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    G'day I have a GX model & just purchased some black duck seat covers.
    I was wondering whether anyone has worked out how to access the gap between the backrest part of the seat & the bit you sit on?
    The GX has a flap covering this area on the back of the seat & I have to be able to feed some straps through to fasten the seat covers properly.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Have managed to undo the flap.
    Looks like there's an air bag under there.
    Not sure what to do.
    Have emailed Black Duck.


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      Hi Benicio,

      The downloadable instructions for the Toyota seatcovers may help you.

      Go to:

      and search for PZQ2289250



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        Thanks. Dave.
        It appears that the genuine seat covers have a bit of a different set up with a rod you push through the gap from the front.
        I'll see what Black Duck come back with.


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          I had another look in the dark.
          Might have worked it out.
          Will give it a Crack tomorrow.


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            I just pulled that part down enough so you can get your hand behind it from the sides, as the flap is only held on by elastic straps, just be careful of the airbag wiring etc back there!


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              Got some photos from Black Duck which made a bit of sense.
              I'll see how it goes.


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                I've got the Fortuner AN160 from and this is how my set looks. Took just less than 30 mins to install front & back

                Click image for larger version

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                Buy quality water resistant Toyota Fortuner neoprene seat covers online made in Australia. Free shipping Australia wide. Money back guarantee.


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                  I have the dingo trail seat covers to and I’m happy with them


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                    Originally posted by borgna View Post
                    I have the dingo trail seat covers to and I’m happy with them
                    Good to hear


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                      Originally posted by autoloverzz View Post

                      Good to hear
                      Im assuming they are, but does it state anywhere that they are compatable with the side airbags? Nice looking seat covers, its making me think about getting a set