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    just a question about the maps on the GXL & GX. i have the GXL and when i was sold the vehicle the sales person said all the models have maps but the crusade is the only one with gps. 2 weeks in and i havnt been able to finds the maps. i also cant get it to read out sms messages to me as well. anyone had this? does the GXL & GX have maps?

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    There is an app on there called 'Destination Download' you find a destination using toyota link on your phone, and it sends the info to the head unit. Never tried it.


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      the GXL definitely has a G.P.S in the head unit. i was under the impression that all 3 models have the same head unit, but with different software activated. I believe there is someone on the forum with a GXL who got their dealership to install the navigation app onto the headunit


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        It'll only be a matter of time before someone de-codes and hacks the unit. There is no way in the current market that Toyota would make a head unit for only ONE vehicle! You watch...I'd hazard a guess and say that Mr T might just release the 2017's or series 2's with 'GPS now standard across the range'

        I mean come on Mr Toyota - you want to continue to dominate the market and sell 1000's of these yes??? Then for goodness sake give us GPS (and the option to add and run off road mapping software) as STANDARD!!!!!! It's almost 2017....not 1995! Many other manufactures are already doing it. Charging $2500 for it is just plain insulting.....


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          With the GXL now being offered with GPS/Maps as standard in the updated model, does anyone know if there is an option or ability to upgrade to this in the older model GXL?


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            Any updates on getting the gps/maps working on older models?