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Upgrade interior lights to LED

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  • Upgrade interior lights to LED

    did this upgrade today , very easy and worthwhile in my opinion.

    on the GX , the rear cargo and middle cabin lights are a 31mm festoon bulb each , 5 watt. can be fitted with these -

    the front cabin / map reading lights ( one each side ) are a 10mm wedge bulb , 5 watt. can be replaced with these -

    all the covers do remove with a gentle prying from a small thin screwdriver , and are easily clipped back in. The front light assembly / sunglass holder can be clipped out to remove whole if required , just start one corner using a plastic wedge first.
    if the LEDs dont work one way just turn them around , they are reverse polarity protected.

    If you leave the doors open for too long a period the body ECU will turn them off automatically , along with blanking out the speedo door display.

    2019 GX , in White

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    Cheers mate.