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customise start up image to the fortuner symbol

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  • customise start up image to the fortuner symbol

    ok fellas

    who is clever enough to work out how to replace the (dull) "Toyota" start up image on the touchscreen with the better "Fortuner" symbol that appears in the dash when you start the car?

    I was looking through the touchscreen settings to try to adjust my phone and noticed the start up image could be changed.

    straight to the top of the class if you can get the image to be animated and move like the dash "fortuner" image does.. the Toyota one seems to fade in so it could have the functionality.


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    Whilst I haven't tried this yet, it is documented on page 48 of the "Navigation and Multimedia System Owners Manual".
    Let us know how you go!


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      I changed it , as per instructions in the manual. you just upload to image you require via the USB port. wasnt much point though your new photo is only there for 2 seconds and the usual Toyota advertising , safety messages , etc take precedent. Mine had no option for the shut down message either.
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        Thanks all

        i understand i can put any old picture up there issues

        i guess the issue is sourcing the correct image and even better the "moving" one as displayed in the dash

        i think there was a web designer on here maybe someone like that can arrange the image

        Not a life or death matter here!! Just tinkering.

        Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.


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          Like this?