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  • Head unit video input

    Hi does anyone know how the video input function can active?

    I notice there is a media function called "video input" so thought there might be a socket that can have video signal in. I opened the dash panel and see there no socket like 3.5mm video socket or others seems like video in. There is actually even no label to describe the function for different cables. Confuse how if I can have video signal in.

    Any ideas?

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    The video input for mine is a 3.5mm 4 pin jack located above the USB socket in the lower dash near Cig lighter.


    • GreyWoodTuner
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      Thanks John I didn't even realise that was there! thanks for the tip... issue is what video input uses a 3.5mm jack? have you successfully connected a video device to this?

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    Am I the only one that can't make sense of why the hell you can't do that via USB? We have the technology...


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      As already pointed out, the 3.5mm input can be used for Video.

      The input is a 4 pole 3.5mm jack. I remember buying a OMTP/CTIA converter. Similar to this - If you look in the manual, you will find the specs for the jack.

      I have used the standard headunit to display HDMI out from a tablet, however, the amount of cabling is ridiculous so I just bought a proper headunit.


      • IGenius
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        How do I connect my iPhone to the head unit using the convertor... I want to viewmy iphone display on the head unit. Appreciate your expert advise