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240 Volt outlet in Crusade

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  • 240 Volt outlet in Crusade

    So with most gadgets being USB powered these days, what do people use the 240v outlet for?

    Bearing in mind it's only capable of 120 Watts (from memory).

    It's also very quiet on here, so need to talk about something...

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    charging camera battery
    kids portable dvd player etc
    Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.


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      Is there an inverter mounted on the crusades? Where is it located? Im thinking about getting one for my gxl.


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        Mate go to any vehicle accessory shop. You can buy a coke can inverter, so-called because it is the size of a coke can. It converts 12v dc to ac. Plugs into any cigarette plug type outlet and your GXL as 3 of them. I've had mine for years now but I think they still a bit over a hundred bucks. Reading from the side of mine it is a Mobitronic by Waeco. Input voltage 12 volt. Output power 100W. Surge power 200W. Output voltage 240V/50Hz. CanSize Inverter. Standard cigar lighter plug for 12 input. Normal domestic 3 pin plug for 240 v outlet. The great thing about these is you can slip double adapter into the coke can and charge 2 things at once if required. It can be plugged into any of the three 12 volt outlets in the car, not limited to just a hard wired one. If you want to use a lap top or charge a phone while camped you plug into your auxhilliary battery and away you go.. Heaps of uses. Till you have one you just don't realise how indispensible they are..and they are portable from one car to another. Great stuff!!!!!!!
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