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  • A pillar airbag

    G'day all. I'm hoping to get a new Fortuner in the next few days! Does anyone know if there's airbag behind the A pillar trims? Need to install a dashcam but don't want to tinker with the airbag when routing cables. A pillar trims do say airbag but photos from google shows curtain airbags are above doors not from A pillars. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks heaps!

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    the airbags do extend down the A pillars by about half way , but there is plenty of room above the bag to run the cable. The factory wiring even runs down there so you can follow that. The drivers side has even less airbag coverage so if you are really worried run the cable up that side. once you take the handle off and unclip the trim you will see plenty of room. the front of the headlining can be lifted a little to allow the cable to be tucked under it
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      Thanks for the detailed instruction. I will give it a go when I get the truck, hopefully end of the month!