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Is there room to sleep in a Fortuner?

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  • Is there room to sleep in a Fortuner?

    I'm weighing up on what to upgrade to from my old '92 4runner.

    What I am interested to know is:

    Does the 2nd row back rest go down flat enough (without the tumble) to make it possible to create a bed like situation inside the Fortuner?
    Or is the car simply not long enough to accommodate around the 1900-2000mm length?

    I would be removing the 3rd row seats regardless.

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    I sleep in mine , but the middle row has to come out first , then i have a plywood platform which is spaced upwards at the front to make the platform flat. under that i store plenty of bits and pieces
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      Thank for your reply, does that mean that you have no seats at all behind the front driver and passenger?


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        We have slept in ours. Tumbled second row put in a malleable double mattress and it was fine.

        We didn't remove the third row, if we did it more often, we would remove the third row to only make it a bit more comfortable.


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          Thanks for the reply, sorry to be a pain in the **** but what is the rough length between the back of the tumbled second row to the tail gate?


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            There was a discussion thread about this on the Fortuner Forum Facebook group. Here are some quotes:

            PS> "Has anybody though about removing the 2nd row of seats instead of the 3rd row for practical camping/touring? Fold the 3rd row up and plenty of room to sleep in the back then."

            JS> "yeah ive done it. already removed the rear row so when camping i remove the second row and install a pre made timber floor section ."

            PS> "That was sort of my plan. I do like the rear Titan drawers another member put in. I'll have to see if they would be workable with another platform over my fridge. It'd make things pretty tight for space being so close to the roof line.
            How difficult is it to remove the 2nd row?"

            JS> "its not too hard . flip the seats forward , unplug the wiring , remove the bolts. ratchet spanner works best from memory."


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              Originally posted by Timi View Post
              Thank for your reply, does that mean that you have no seats at all behind the front driver and passenger?
              thats correct i take the second row out , i can do it pretty quickly as ive done it a few times. third row is always out. If its just me i take out the left side , for both of us the r/h side comes out also.
              2019 GX , in White


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                I also take out the second row if going on a trip,often I leave them out and kids sit in third row limousine style!


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                  yes, for the sleeping purpose I specially bought a new mattress from the My Pillow Coupons.

                  I enjoyed a sound and comfortable sleep in it.