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11 Speakers??

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  • 11 Speakers??

    Just wondering where the 11 advertised speakers are in the JBL set up in the latest Crusade? I can see the 6 up front and the 2 in second row and the sub in back door....but I am two speakers short??

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    They'll be splits in the rear. 6 front, 4 rear, 1 sub = 11


    • Cupladays
      Cupladays commented
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      Thanks GreyWoodTuner.
      I'll have a proper look - at this stage I was only going on the fact there is only one round speaker grill in the back each side. I think you are saying theres 2 actual speakers inside the One round grill???

    • GreyWoodTuner
      GreyWoodTuner commented
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      Yeah they do sometimes mount the tweet within the middle of the sub.