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  • Crusade map update tips?

    Did a fair few kms over the holiday and noticed lots of places where my maps are out of date on the Toyota GPS.

    2015 model so over 2 years old.

    Anyone looked into updating the maps?

    A quick Google search indicated I had to pay for the update but I'm sure someone clever on the forum has worked out a hack!

    First Google search indicated $300 for the update which is a bit steep!

    I'll ask the dealer next service.. does warranty include updates?
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    Ah my favourite subject to have a moan about. I think as you have a Fortuner you would not have read my many and frequent posts on the Prado forum of this very issue.
    It all started at the dealership in 2015 when I was excitedly preparing to drive my new vehicle for the first time. I wanted a manual so I used a dealer quite a distance away.
    I entered my address in the new gleaming Toyota only to discover that the estate where I live, built three years previously did not exist according to the navigation system.
    The dealership were no help, saying that "all Toyota models were like this" I tried the Toyota customer "experience centre" who were as useful as a chocolate tea pot then ended up complaining to WA customer protection who couldn't do anything either.
    Toyota insisted that the three year out of date map they supply with every new vehicle was the best available and that "it takes 18 months to adapt the map to the vehicle" This was annoying and unbelievable to hear as my phone runs exactly the same iGO navigation but with a current map.
    Anyway the last I read on the Prado forum about the issue was that a "new" Toyota map which is over a year out of date when released now costs around $500
    Toyota do not allow car play or android auto into their units, there is no chance of changing the main navigation program as it is locked down and hidden within the unit so the only alternative is to replace the whole thing with a Chinese android head unit.
    The one I bought for the Prado cost far less than one Toyota out of date map, it has a 10 inch screen and as it is powered by android you can run whatever you like on it not just what Toyota limit you to so they can charge an extortionate price for their old maps.


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      Thanks for response.. yes I have never looked on Prado forum but I guess the same issue is common to all Toyotas as the GPS is similar/the same.

      Sounds like no one has come up with a hack other that handing over the massive $$$ to Toyota. Not that keen to replace the unit.

      Does seem a rip off while under warranty etc

      I noticed it when on the new upgrades to Pacific and Princes Highways.. slightly off the old road and the GPS thinks you are in a paddock.. probably doesn't annoy me enough to fork over $$$ at this stage.. but can completely understand you would be annoyed if it can't navigate you home! My GPS has been all good until now.

      I'll have a think.
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        The price gouging for something so easily available on other devices is astounding!
        phones have great maps and when needed Hema maps on the iPad for bigger trips with no phone signal.


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          I also looked into this....Can't find a hack and the 'new' map offered by toyota is still over 12 months old, and yes the $500 is what the dealer quoted. Ridiculous. The Toyota entertainment system in the Fortuner is rubbish unfortunately, Unintuitive and slow.


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            Yes even after spending such a large sum on a "new" map customers will find that it is not "new" at all. Toyota Australia told me that it takes 12-18 months to integrate a map to their navigation system. I suggested to them that if that were the case they should fire the people responsible for this "integration" and employ a person who could do it as quickly as all the other manufacturers.
            It used to be only Australia where this happened, the European,Japanese and American markets could update online. I have lost track now as I gave up once I had fitted a new unit.
            Unfortunately I don't know what options are available for the Fortuner but I am delighted with my 10 inch screen in the Prado. It was a simple job to slide out the old and replace, the only small issue is that the hazard switch is on the left and the cable only just reaches, although this has a plug both ends so a longer one could be made up. My unit was designed for a left hand drive vehicle so it meant changing the "rudder" controls in the factory settings. Apart from this it was plug and play,
            I have added a DAB+ radio module a tyre pressure monitor and a 1920X1080 dashcam which simply plugs in the back of the head unit. Try doing that with the factory one.
            As for a hack as mentioned above, Toyota may have out of date and expensive maps but they are not stupid, they know that all hacked versions use a modified main program .exe (yes the Fujitsu Ten uses Win CE) so this is hidden and is inaccessible within the unit with only the map and a few extras on the SD card.
            They also know that if car play or android auto was available people would use google maps or similar and they would not then be able to extort money from customers. I love the chance to moan about this subject !!


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              I replaced the head unit in mine although mine doesn't have native navigation built-into the aftermarket one it's Android Auto/Apple Car Play, and does Waze, Google Maps, Spotify, etc. I have the Pioneer AVH-Z5050BT, it's December Firmware update included the ability to play google audio books. cost me $950 installed.

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            I was wondering if something like what they've done in this video could be used to screen cast the google maps navigation from your phone to the head unit in the Fortuner via the video input jack above the usb port.
            Although I suspect it's probably cheaper to buy a new head unit.


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              Again I have no idea about a Fortuner but certainly my Prado would not do this as video is cut off as soon as the vehicle is moving. The Chinese units can mirror the phone screen so that you could use the phone controlled from the head unit screen. However I have never found a need for this as being android the head unit will do all that the phone does directly.
              I use the phone as a mobile access point for the head unit with the phone features connected by bluetooth as usual. Provided you have good enough data with the phone signal you can do many things. I have an app which can use transcoded streams from a satellite box so you could (not that I do) watch the same channels as you have at home.


              • tekka maki
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                Yes, you're right. Would need to bypass the safety check to have the video stay active.

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              Bringing this post back up.

              Anyone worked out a way to cost effectively update the maps? My crusade is 2015 and noticing maps need updating in any new area and many upgraded highways which have slightly changed path or exit... getting annoying.
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                I've long lost any confidence with any standard vehicle Sat Navs, costly updates which should be free like most stand alone GPS units do nowadays.
                The algorithms they use also tend to send you the long way too.
                I'm on the road every working day, I use WAZE and pre progam my run the night before.
                It's good on both missing traffic alerts but more importantly where Police are!
                I make sure I report any un notified police loctions too.


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                  Originally posted by 4Tuner View Post
                  Bringing this post back up.

                  Anyone worked out a way to cost effectively update the maps? My crusade is 2015 and noticing maps need updating in any new area and many upgraded highways which have slightly changed path or exit... getting annoying.
                  Unfortunately while customers let manufacturers get away with providing out of date and locked down systems it will never get any better.
                  When I was in full flow complaining about my out of date maps I saw a brand new Prado in a car park and asked the owner what he thought of his navigation system, "brilliant" was the reply so I asked if he would mind me looking at the map version. Sure enough his maps were the usual 2 years out of date provided by Toyota in a new vehicle.
                  With customers not even realising what a crap navigation system they have I think there is zero chance of Toyota doing anything about it.
                  As stated above all mapping software that can run an up to date map which can be easily download from the net has it's main program modified to do it. Toyota know this and that is why they have made their old win CE inaccessible.
                  Until customers realise they are being ripped off and complain enough without just believing the sales hype I cant see the situation ever changing.
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                    Wonder if this would work? Still nearly 2 years out of date however.
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                      The numbers certainly look right following on from the last one that I had so I would think it would work, as you know Toyota secures cards from being copied by using the CID of the memory card which cannot be duplicated easily. It looks like the best that you can get without going android, you could then have a 2018 IGO (or any other) map which Toyota wont release for at least another year. I still cant grasp how customers let them get away with this?


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                        Would that work on my 2017 gxl that didn’t come with sat nav or do I not have gps or something so it won’t work?


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                          Just a quick note. At last service I was having a discreet quiet word in service department with a higher up and mentioned I was so unhappy with the hugely out of date sat nav in my crusade I was about to change the head unit. He advised me to hold off as they are about to finalise a new deal with Garmin (they supply the maps...who knew) that would see us get access to the Garmin map updates and allow us to download and install map updates ourselves off the web and onto an sd card. I mentioned the cost and he said it will be free. Decision was made by Toyota australia due to overwhelming complaints from customers. Also asked if I'll be waiting another year or two for this to actually happen and was assured not. Will be very soon. Fingers crossed