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Electric tailgate motor failty on Crusade

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  • Electric tailgate motor failty on Crusade

    Hi Guys

    Just had my Toyota Fortuner Crusade repaired under warranty, one of the electric motors seized causing tail gate to twist, bending boot hinge, creasing roof and tail gate.
    Had to wait 4 weeks until parts come from overseas. boot alignment is never the same. Been back twice, they can't do anymore.

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    sounds bad , are toyota going to repair any further ? is the opening out of square ? that will need some body realigning if thats the case cos it may not be water or dust proof any longer
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      If the roof has creased I'm fairly sure Toyota are liable for a full repair, if not a replacement car. I'm no expert, but if the roof has been creased, then maybe the integrity of the roof structure & therefore the vehicle itself, has also been compromised. (Others with more knowledge about such things may be able to assist you). Another issue, is if / when you're off-road, who's to say any bouncing around over corrugations or other lumps & bumps won't further damage the roof, even if Toyota do repair it? Would you then need an engineer's report stating all's well with the car's structural integrity?

      Toyota's faulty motor product caused a roof crease, & if it were my car, I'd be going to the ACCC, Fair Trading, the Newspapers & anywhere else to get Toyota to give me a new or like aged & conditioned Crusade as a replacement to show "their good will in standing behind their product".

      With all this in mind, is the car really "fit for its original purpose", being for use off-road? Good luck with it & please keep us posted via the Forum.


      • Lozza
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        I'm doing through Fair trading the car had overspray outside and inside, car boot alignment still out and they creased the roof liner when they replaced the hedges.
        The service manager and panel beater advised me they didn't spray the roof and can't work out how the spray ended on the car.
        Roof looks like been painted with brush.
        I called Toyota regarding the issue they really cant do anything but sent dealership a email> Thanks for your help Toyota
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      They are fully liable for the repair so car is in same condition as pre damage.
      only problem is they will stuff you around and do anything to get out of it.
      What most people don’t get is they are told anything to shut them up and go away by a vehicle dealer. Majority of the time the person you are talking to has very little mechanical knowledge of any detail of said issue.


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        Had heaps of problems when I pick the car. Over spray outside and inside of car, boot alignment is still out, Looks like they painted the roof with a brush.
        I sent the car back to rectify the problems, they cleared the out side over spray and advised that the over spray in the car was not them.
        They told me they didn't spay the roof, must of been sprayed before. I said that funny the car was brand new from Toyota when purchased and I polish the car once a month you would think I noticed.
        Toyota did say they would change the door trim first then see about the rest.
        I just sick of the bull shit, I've logged a claim with fair trading. Also call Toyota Australia about the problem they sort of said they can't do anything about the issue but send the dealer a email. Thank Toyota
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          Great. They sent the dealer an email... like that'll achieve anything. Sounds like Toyota are like insurance companies these days. Rule no. 1 - what can I do to avoid liability and pay out any sort of money. Rule no. 2 - if rule 1 fails, try harder with rule no. 1.

          Interesting to see what Fair Trading do about it. If you have to, try T.Vs A Current Affairs program. Lets face it, other than a roof over your head, cars are generally the next big priced item we buy. That may not seem important to car makers, but it is to the people who buy them!!

          With the problems Jeep have had with their brand over recent years and the early 3.0TD GU Patrols going "bang", you'd think the other brands would take a bit more notice. Good luck with it.


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            Maybe because the customer didnt purchase the vehicle directly from Toyota. Customer bought it from the dealer, who purchased from Toyota. So from Toyota's perspective, any damage repairs and/or disputes goes through the dealer / insurance, and they deal with Toyota on parts/warranty claims.


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              So true very true!

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            Kiat that's quite true, but its a Toyota car sold under the Toyota company banner by a Toyota associated dealer. (The word Toyota appears 3 times here). Seems like its a case of "same horse different jockey".

            That said, I hope all works out well Lozza


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              I had the same predicament years ago (not with Toyota) involving a rear sensor, perfectly fine before a oil change service but broken after the service. Dealership was dishonest, service advisor covered up mechanic incompetence, they refused to absorb cost of repair. Vehicle was still under warranty.

              After numerous visits to different branches and vehicle loss of use due to inspections/investigation bullst. Finally they agreed to absorb repair cost but only 50% which I disputed. I was advised by their principal company to Fair Trading. However I decided I have spent enough wasting time with ripoffs and have completely lost trust of the dealership chain.
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                It’s all about profit $$$$$
                an apprentice from now a defunct Australian car manufacturer told me today that the city dealership workshop he works in turns over $half a million a month.
                Huge profit margins made from upselling stuff you don’t actually need or can do yourself with a bottle or can of stuff from super cheap.
                its appalling!


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                  Hi guys, just an update. Got fair trading involved the dealership changed all the story around saying they will repair damage. They got the panel beater to submit a claim under his insurance and wiped their hands free. Had a different panel beater re-price and original repairs plus change roof liner and all items with over spray in the vehicle ( dash, stereo, centre console, steering wheel, door trim, etc). all up came to $30.000. Waiting on insurance company to make a decision.
                  Can't believe this shit has taken 5 months and still not sorted.
                  Funniest think was that the Toyota dealer I've been using sent a letter that my service was due,lol. I'll never buy another car or service my car with them.
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                    30k worth of repairs? thats insane i hope this sort of damage is covered by insurance once your car is out of warranty


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                      Update on progress, had fair trading attend meeting with Toyota dealership that repaired the vehicle under warranty but submitted repairs to panel beater. Toyota changed the story and told fair trading they will repair damagers. Had an assessor call and arrange an inspection of the vehicle, apparently Toyota made the panel beater submit a claim under his insurance and wiped their hand free. Had another panel beater re-price all original repairs, roof liner and all interior due to over spray from original repairs.
                      Its taken 5 months and still have no answer
                      The dealer I've been using sent a notification that service is due lol. Will never buy or service my cars with them again.
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                      • Bussa
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                        What dealership is it?

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                      is it worth going to the media ? after all the stories that ACA cover with success they would probably get a whole weeks ratings out of this one.
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