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Basic spare parts to take on a trip?

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  • Basic spare parts to take on a trip?

    What's parts do you travel with?
    I need to get some spares even if I can't fix it someone else will be able to.
    Please add to my list.

    Tool box including zip ties and different tapes

    air,oil and fuel filter
    alternator belt.


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    This link should help you out ...
    2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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      Fortuner Cookie; mrh460's link will tell you what most of us have.

      I likely have way more than I need, especially with a new-ish car. However, I think the same as you... if I have the bits & can't do it myself, then hopefully someone in the group or passer by can help out.

      The only thing I would like but still can't find, is a workshop repair manual. From my enquiries so far, nobody's put one out. "Gregorys" is the brand I've had for my Pajero & Patrol (still got them). I was told in a reply from Ellery Publications that while cars are 'new to the market' & still subject to warranty, they won't publish a workshop manual. Tuners came to Oz 2015, so fingers crossed, one is published soon.


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        workshop manuals are generally on line these days anyway. Ebay did have one for a 2.8 Prado bit was a hacked version which needed data access to operate so no good outside the cities
        2019 GX , in White


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          Pro tip.
          I went into my local Autobarn today and they have a computer you can look up and print out all the fluids.